Knife Review: Cold Steel GI Tanto

January 31, 2015 Rourke 6

This post was previously published HERE on MSO. I have now owned this knife for over a year and it continues to perform well. A couple months ago I bought the Cold Steel GI Tanto […]

Cold Steel GI Tanto update

February 4, 2014 Rourke 11

A few weeks ago I published a review the excellent knife – the Cold Steel GI Tanto. A great knife at a great price. The ONLY complaint I had was the handle was a little […]

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Knife Review: Gerber Warrant

June 25, 2013 Rourke 3

I love knives and like most any survivalist own many. Knives have to be one of the most important and useful preparedness tools in existence.  Ever try cutting rope without  knife? Not easy. Several months […]

Memories of a knife….

May 16, 2012 Rourke 10

It’s amazing how memories work. Certain scents and tastes can suddenly bring you back to a different time and place – almost like it was happening all over again. When I was 16 years old I lived […]