….On AR platform builds

January 3, 2015 Rourke 10

  I have not been all that active here in the past few months or so. I had three auto racing series that I was heavily involved in trying to win, and I started building custom AR rifles […]

Want an AR-15 and on a budget?

March 3, 2014 Rourke 7

The AR-15 is an extremely desirable and frequent choice of survivalists and preppers. It has very low recoil, easy to operate with minimal training, excellent accuracy, and very reliable. The AR is typically light and […]

Video of the Week: Milling 80% Polymer Lower

February 28, 2014 Rourke 5

YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food […]