“Survivors” Book Giveaway

I have an extra copy of James Wesley, Rawles new book – Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse.

Just starting to read my own copy – figured I would be a swell guy and give one lucky reader their very own……for FREE!

How?“….. you may ask. ย Sure. Just leave a comment here on this post.

That’s it. No tricks. No special favors. No need to come to my laundry.

Just leave a comment.

On Thursday I will use Random.org to pick a winner – which will be posted Friday.



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  1. Hi, I would love a copy of The Survivors. It is on my “to buy” list but my list is long and it will be a while before I can afford it.

    Love your blog and the sense of being with like-minded people. I feel like few understand. They are much more interested in the latest reality show on TV, or just in managing busy lives.

  2. Hey Rourke! Thanks for all the wonderful and helpful info you post! … and thanks for the opportunity to win this very desirable addition to the survival library!

  3. we definitely need to be prepared for soem bad times and I also think that the principles are intelligent and thrifty and smart. It is obvious that we cannot go on like we are and the smart person is informed and ready.

  4. Things are getting scarier all the time. Other family members are finally getting on board. Don’t know if it is paranoia but I have this almost overpowering need to get all my ducks in a row (meds, food, etc) ASAP. Money or lack thereof is the only obstacle. LOL.

  5. One of the leaders of my prepper group read this book and gave it 2 thumbs up. He is ex-SF and said it should be required reading for everyone, let alone those in his group.

  6. Comment! Short, simple, to the point.

    I already have it (got it at the local gun show this weekend), so if I somehow get lucky give it to somebody else.

    Also, picked up some new Surefire 60-round mags for my M-4. Pricey, but another cool gadget to add to the collection.

  7. Thanks for the offer to give a copy away. Good idea. Thanks for keeping to site up, running and having so many various topics. I especially like the “what to buy” this week idea. It keeps me thinking. Thanks again

  8. Good Morning Rourke!
    Hope all is well with you and yours. I couldn’t pass up the chance to get another copy. I have the Kindle version and was going to get a hard copy for my Dad. Guess I can wait until Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of scary stuff happening these days. ModernSurvivalOnline is and has been one of my top three bookmarks for quite a while. Keep the faith brother!

    In Liberty,

  9. Hi All,
    I’ve just been scanning the list and noticed the ad for CampingSurvival canned butter. At 8.95 for a 7oz tin that works out to about $1.28 per Oz. Kurt Wilson (The Armchair Survivalist) sells the Red Feather canned butter, from New Zeland, for $140, for a 24 can case of 12 Oz tins. That works out to less than $ .50 per oz. I realize that CampingSurvival is one of the supporters of this website, but I always try and maximize product for my money. I have a couple of cases of this tucked away, along with some of his canned cheese, Just in Case. His website is SE1.US .

    Take Care,

  10. Oh pick me, pick me! I have been “eyeballing” this book since you first mentioned it’s release but I was holding off on buying it until I had finished reading some of the other books that I have already purchased. Keeping my fingers crossed that the randomizer draws my name.

  11. Rourke – while I understand that doing your laundry is NOT required to randomly win this book, it is not outside the realm of possibilites should I be selected to win…I’m just saying…

    Thanks for the chance! Murph

  12. hello thought id give the book give away a try!! what are your thoughts on the legalization of cannabis?? i believe that this plant will play a pivitol role after the collapse…your thoughts??

  13. I am a Canadian reader who would very much enjoy the book, so I am putting my name in on the off chance that I might possibly win the copy!

  14. I saw this book and I want to read it. It is already getting good reviews. I read “One Second After” and could not put it down. I hope this one is as good.

  15. It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight
    Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
    And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
    And he’s watchin’ us all with the eye………………………………………….. of the tiger.

  16. Hey I’ve been reading your blog for the past month or two now. Just getting up to speed about prepping. Not all together true. I’ve always had it in mind to some degree. It has only been of late that I’ve actually been planning and taking action.

    I’ll have to comment on your blog now that I’ve done it once.

    Thanks for keeping up on your blog. I look at it daily.

  17. Okay…I’m game. I love Rawles’ books. I would love to have a copy of this latest book. Crossing my fingers to be the “winner”.

  18. I’ve been following this site for quite a while now and I have to say everything that’s been posted has greatly helped me to establish exactly what needs to be done in order to have a plan to deal with SHTF situations.

    I was involved in the April 27th tornado incident that swept through the southern part of the US.

    I went without power for 5 days and it made me think: “If this would have been any worse than what it was in my situation, would I be properly prepared in adjusting to it?”
    So I started skimming the internet for valuable resources of information. When I found Sootch00’s channel on youtube. He made a vid that had a link to this site. Been visiting here every day since then.

    Sorry for the long comment. This is my first time posting.

    Thank you Rourke for all you’re doing. Keep up the good work.


  19. I want to win the drawing for the latest JWR book. Keep up the good work, especially creating a forum for readers to post such as the latest”Burban Batmobile”.

  20. I think James Wesley Rawles is terrific and would love to be the person that gets the copy of this book…pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! LOL

  21. Rourke,

    I found your website about three months ago, and have enjoyed your blog posts. I look forward to winning this book, and reading another JWR novel. One thing I am worried about with this book is that he may reuse some of the same content from his other books. To me, it makes the book become boring to read; what are your thoughts on this?

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  22. I would love a copy i am re-reading Patriots right now. Waiting for next week pay check to maybe get Survivors. By the way i love the site i am here daily

  23. I am looking forward to this book. I have read Patriots, and Lights Out and have passed them along to coworkers to read. So this one should be my next one to read.

  24. Please don’t consider this an entry for the contest as I have a copy of the book. I could not put it down until I finished it. A great read. If you are not the winner of this generous offer, by all means spring for a copy.

  25. 2 Motto’s I live by.

    “Be prepared”.
    Boy Scouts Motto

    Si Vis pacem Parabellum
    ‘If you want peace, prepare for war”.



  26. I bought Survivors on my Nooke. It was a good read, but it seemed like there was a lot more information in Patriots. This book seemed to be more about one of the characters getting back home. It was fun though to hear more about Ian and Blanka.

  27. Rourke,

    I’d love another copy. Bought the kindle version for myself and should have bought a hard copy as well. This one would go to my dad. Keeping my fingers crossed for good luck. Keep the faith brother!


  28. Awesome contest. My husband was in the middle of Patriots when it was stolen out of our car (along with the backpacking bag it was in). After paying for a new window we never got around to replacing the book. A free copy of Survivors would be great!

  29. Rourke,

    I will play. But I am not a fan of Mr. Rawles. If my name is picked, I will pick a winner as well and send them the book. I am probably the only one on this site who does not like JWR. He knows his stuff and his site is a font of info but I am just not a fan.

  30. American redoubt for the win! I’d be glad for a chance at this. Having been out of work for quite some time, and having gotten the prepper bug during that period – well, it’s tough with no money and no job and still knowing it’s all coming soon! So a free book, that’s good by me.

    — Clem

  31. I would love a copy. I just published my first book in July 2011 titled: Prepare for the Worst and Pray for the Best: A Layman’s guide to surviving a nation gone bad. If you get a chance visit my website at http://www.thechiefsbooks.com, you can get a signed copy there or order at amazon or barnes and nobles online. Thanks for your support and God Bless America!!

  32. Rourke,

    What the hell man? I posted a comment the day you posted this; not only that as far as I knew, I was the first. Your system says there are 115 comments, and yet I only see 15??? Where are the rest? Like mine. Unless you can explain to me what I am doing wrong ie., the reason I can’t see more than 15; then this to me was rigged! Please explain.


    • Chris –

      Take a few deep breaths, count to 10 and guess what…..everything will be OK. I did not rig the book giveaway. Why would I do that? Take another look – you should see all the comments.

      Man – I go to give a book away for absolutely FREE and I get this. Not sure why I bother sometimes. Maybe I should put my time somewhere else.


  33. I for one appreciate the fact that you spend your time to present this blog and giving away stuff FOR FREE is a plus. Don’t get discouraged by a few comments from the “Peanut Gallery”. Sincere thanks for what you do!!!

  34. Thanks Rourke. Your site is great, everybody gets criticized from time to time. And also, I had difficulty viewing the comments as well, it was probably an error with the commenting system. Have a good one.

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