Survival Training: Upcoming Central Rockies Lightfoot Survival Training


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Below is some information that I received about some upcoming survival training. I can tell you from the correspondence I have had with some of those involved they are very motivated and excited  to help others. They are also concerned about what the future holds and believe this training may very much help people survive in questionable time ahead.
– – Rourke

Here are the details:


Central Rockies Lightfoot Survival Training

A Wilderness Survival meet is scheduled for

July 26th through 29th,2012

Montpelier Idaho Area



Basic Three Day Course   

Contact: Randy @ 480-635-6656  or

Background to survival.

    Mental preparation:  How to think and What to think.
How to Build a proper shelter.
Construction process and materials: How to build a Debri Hut, Lean-to and other improvised shelters.
Fire Building
How to Build, Start and maintain a proper fire.
Learn how to collect and purify water for safe and healthy consumption.
Basic food preparation.
Survival pack
What you will need in a survival pack and how to pack it.
Plants Basics
Poison and non poisonous
Tactical movement
How to move with minimal sound
Building and setting for small and medium animals
Weapons Safety & First Aid
Firearms, knifes, staffs, etc.  Bleeding, snake bite, Broken bones

    (Minor First Aid Non Certified information only)

First thing in a survival situation is to maintain an alert mental awareness. You need  to learn how to think and be aware of the situation you’re in.  You will learn what you need now, what you will need later, when to move, when to stay still, where to move, and how to get there.  You will learn the S.T.O.P. method.
Stop: Stay put where you are.
Think : Think about your situation, what you need and what you have.
Observe: Look around your surroundings and see what you have available to you where you’re at.
Plan: Make a plan on what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Second is building a shelter for your situation. This is very important in a survival situation. There are many shelters from a simple lean-to shelter that will protect you from  rain and wind , to a debris shelter that will keep you warm and dry in the most severe weather. You will also learn where to build your shelter and what materials to use to build it.

Third you will learn fire building techniques. You will learn where to find  fire building materials even during foul weather. Different ways to light your fires, and how to maintain and good fire for cooking  or heat. You will also learn how to build heat shields to reflect heat where you need it.

Fourth is water. The staple of staying alive in the wilderness. You will learn how and where to collect water and how to make it safe for human consumption. How to purify, how to filter and how to store water. Water is very important survival tool  and can kill you if not purified properly.

Fifth  you will learn how to prepare food; how to cook food for large groups, how to store food for longer life, what foods are easy to prepare and what foods you should carry in your bug out packs.

Sixth you will learn what you need in a survival pack and how to pack it.

Seventh you will learn how to recognize plants and the use of specific plants.

Eighth you will learn to move in the wild quietly with out disturbing the foliage.

Ninth you will learn many aspects of trapping for food.

Tenth you will learn how not to kill your friend by accident and hopefully render first aid if needed.
The Survival training is JULY 26th – 29th 2012
The 26th  Setup until 2pm then discussion of assorted topics
The 27th  Classes will start at 5:30am and end at 8pm
The 28th  Classes will start at 5:30am and end at 10pm
The 29th  Classes will start at 5:30am and end at 1pm

The first cooking training will start at 7am on the 26th

Kids  the age of 10 and over are allowed to precipitate in some of the training as long as they are not disruptive!!!!!!
Kids under the age of 10 will have minimal activities.
Kids under the age of 4 will not be fed with the group, Parents will be totally responsible for them in all aspects.
Mentality handicapped will have classes for them and the parents.
If you have any type of special diet needs you must plan on preparing and providing that food.
A release of liability waver will be required to be signed up on entering the gate.

No campers allowed, No sleeping in vehicles allowed, Tent / Tarp sleeping ONLY !!!!
Camp Fire in Designated Area ONLY !!!!!!!

We are asking for a $10.00 per person donation send to:
Randall Moore PO Box 386  Montpelier, Id 83254

This will be a hot kitchen. All meals will be furnished so you do not need to plan on self cooking.
What you bring to drink is what you will drink, fresh springs of clear good water is close.

The following Items are required for each person to enter the gate. Items will be checked !!!!
If you do not have them you must return to town and obtain them.
Items marked with *** can be shared
***Tent w/stakes                      Sleeping Bag or 2 Blankets       *** 6 x 8 tarp
5 Tent stakes & 50’ rope        Pocket knife                                    Long knife 8” to 12”
Hammer                                  Hatchet                                          ***Spool of thread
Candle                                    Flint kit                                           Shoe string long
Backpack                               Trail Boots                                       Heavy Pants
Heavy Shirts                           T shirts                                            Socks
Underwear                              3 gal of water                                 First Aid Kit
2 Wood broom handle 5’ or equivalent                                        Compass
Wood Pencil                          Spiral Notebook                             ***Toilet Paper
Wash Cloth                             Towel                                               ***Sun Block
***Bug goop                           Canteen                                           Flash Light
Cup/Knife/Fork/Spoon/Bowl/Plate … Non Breakable … No Glass Allowed !!!!
***Biodegradable  soap         ***Trash bags                                   Chair/stool
1lb caned meat, 3  15+oz cans of vegetables and one bag/box of noodles or potatoes.

Spices you like are not required but advised  


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  1. Rourke…

    Just wanted to double-check the cost of this training. They’re only asking for a $10/per person donation?]]

    Man…if that’s the case I’d consider the long distance just to go to it.

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