Survival Tool: Gloves

In most any survival situation – your hands will be very important. As a martial artist – I understand very well how critical the hands are. The hands can grab, push, pull, twist, and manipulate. Being able to build a shelter, tie a rope, open a box of matches, and even chop wood requires the use of hands.

Damage to the hands can risk your ability to survive – depending on the situation of course.

So – this is where gloves come in.

When considering “stuff” to put back and stock up on – gloves should definitely be included. Having a good pair of gloves can protect hands from the rigors of swinging an ax, carrying firewood or handling that catfish.

Gloves do not have to cost a lot of money. Inexpensive thin cloth gloves can be bought for just a couple of dollars and work great for light duty work such as pruning or pulling up some weeds.

On the other end of the spectrum are leather gloves. I like these for maximum protection from work-loads such as lifting things with sharper edges.

My preference belongs to the Mechanix line of gloves. I have several pair and have found them comfortable and very durable. Available in both velcro cinching around the wrist as well as simple pull-on models. I have both – and like them both.

Here are a few examples:

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I like a glove that fits tight so that more detailed work can be felt. Many of these gloves can be worn while shooting and reloading as well as accessing firearm bolt releases, slide releases, safety’s, etc. These can be worked with no problems.

I make sure that I have a pair or two of gloves in every survival kit I own.


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  1. Good post…Sometimes in prepping it’s the simple things that get overlooked. I always pick up an extra pair of gloves when I see them on sale. A lot of times you can get them for $2 at Tractor Supply and a couple of weeks ago, they were free with purchase at Harbor Freight. I went in there and bought 5 headlamps and 2 machetes for $16 and they gave me a free pair of leather gloves! It’s always nice to feel like you got a good deal.

  2. Great Post! I too like the Mechanix’s line of gloves . I have several pair as well aas a good pair of deerskin work gloves. I use the deerskin gloves to do chores like cutting and hauling fire wood and when I nned to use a pick axe or shovel. I like the way the mechanix’s gloves fit tight so that I can do things like work with pipe and lots of other items and still feel the material that I am work with. I am so glad you brought this subject up John.

  3. I agree John. I have a pair of these and they are great gloves, tough, rugged and I am going to get more in the near future!

  4. Rourke,

    Mechanix are great gloves. I have a few pair of them. I also like Wells Lamont. They make excellent gloves and you can get a very good pair at Wal-Mart at a reasonalbe cost. They also make higher end gloves as well and have an excellent line of cowhide gloves too.

    Check them out here.

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