Survival Tip #266: Install a smoke detector

One of my favorite survival books is The Ultimate Survival Manual. I have found it to be one of the best on the market with incredible illustrations and too the point information. I highly recommend it. What follows is a summary of just one survival tip found within the pages of The Ultimate Survival Manual.


Tip #266 states what should be obvious to most everyone – have a smoke detector inside every room and all hallways in your home. The zombie apocalypse may not arrive tomorrow but home fires happen every day all around the country. We may plan for larger disastrous scenarios but it is much more likely that a local, more individualized event – such as a fire in our own home – will occur.

A few additional tips include:

  • Write the date on the alarm after purchase and rotate every eight years.
  • Mount the detector high to best position it for the smoke to find it.
  • Test the smoke detector often. It is recommended monthly but who actually does that. 
  • Replace batteries at least once per year.

Such a simple prep to accomplish. Don’t go find yourself turned into a charcoal briquette becasue ofa dead 9V battery.





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  1. I have to admit, this one is on my list. We had a smoke detector, but who knows how old it was, and it quit working a couple years after we moved in. So that and a C02 detector are on the list of acquisitions.

  2. A good way to insure that you change your batteries is to do what government offices do: change when you set the clocks back for DST. D.

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