Survival Lighting: Building a Tiki Torch from a Wine Bottle

Thought this was kinda neat and useful so I figured I would pass it along.

My wife was browsing the Internet and came across a website showing how you could make a tiki torch from a wine bottle. This peaked her interest as she has plenty of empty wine bottles 🙂 and likes tiki torches. I looked at the project as a way to create a pretty durable method for lighting should the grid go down.

Well – a few of these have been made and so far work pretty good. One complaint is the wick is not long enough to reach all of the fuel. Looking to get either a longer wick or make one.

For excellent and complete instructions on how to make these visit


PS – Yup….this will work with a Budweiser bottle as well.



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  1. Fill the bottle with water to just below where the wick ends.
    The oil will float on top and keep the wick saturated.

  2. I like the idea and they look very cool. I am going to have to make one up and see how well it works. Thanks for the idea Rourke!

  3. It probably “piqued” her interest! I too have lots of wine bottles, and the ceramic stoppers and wicks of appropriate length, and even a mini glass globe can be found at sites specializing in wine bottle accessories. Also check out the lamps from canning jars at salt&prepper.

  4. Thanks
    I know you don’t know me as I tend to stay to myself.
    So let me introduce myself.
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    I’ve been preparing mentally and skill wise since then.
    I have been preparing on a serious basis since 1995.
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    Then again, there is no way to really be prepared for what we are facing….
    To think that we are is a mistake.
    Keep up the good work.

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