Crossfit Training for Preppers

Fitness has always been something that I have thought about since being a teenager (now 41). Over the years, like many others, I have joined gyms and worked out for a few months – and then returned to a sedentary lifestyle.

A little history –

At the age of 16, I discovered bodybuilding. Reading Muscle & Fitness magazine – I was amazed at the condition that people could get into. I began working out with weights and reading everything I could on nutrition as well as bodybuilding.

crossfit workout

For the next few years I trained very hard and certainly changed my body. In my senior year of high school I moved and soon discovered that life provided other “distractions” that caused me to spend less and less time in the gym.

I attended a couple of colleges and visited the gym infrequently. Although always on my mind and small to medium efforts were put forth here and there – fitness just remained a goal off in the distance. Since then – there have been times when I worked out for months, felt like I was in decent shape.

I was wrong. I was WAY wrong.

Over the past year I have continued to try different things. Weight lifting at local gyms and YMCA’s has always been my staple. I have tried P90X a few times – which I liked but I lacked the discipline to really perform it as it should be done. I looked into getting a mountain bike – which I still want to do – to vary my efforts into fitness.

I have felt that my efforts have not resulted in finding what I have been looking for. Much of that is certainly my fault as I at times fail to put forth the commitment and effort that is needed. This has continued up till now.

Enter Crossfit

About 6 months ago I discovered Crossfit but was unable to really investigate it as there were no locations in my area. Two months ago I was doing some internet searches and discovered that a new Crossfit location was being opened in my town. I immediately contacted the owner and signed up for classes. This past August 22nd was my first Crossfit class. Wow!! I have never had a workout like I had this day.

So – What Is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a physical fitness program favored by many military, fireman, and police personnel. Crossfit provides programs which utilize varied movements which will increase strength, flexibility, cardio conditioning, speed, agility, and power.

The Crossfit participant truly will realize increased levels of fitness – not just strength, not just power, not just cardiovascular, and not just flexibility. In Crossfit the exercises are often familiar. They include:

  • deadlifts
  • squats
  • cleans
  • clean and jerk
  • the snatch
  • pull-ups
  • push-ups
  • sit ups
  • rope climb
  • holds, and more.
man next to barbell

The combination of various movements in a timed format generates a tremendous workout and continued progress.

From what I have learned of Crossfit and experienced myself is that this is “real world fitness”. The workouts are short – but very intense. I thought that I have had some hard workouts in the past. Know what?

My first Workout of the Day lasted 6 minutes and 21 seconds – and I had to call my wife to pick me up. I could not drive home. Now – I pushed myself too hard – but it was a heck of a workout and I could hardly get out of bed the next day.

I love it!!! As hard and intense as it is – it’s exactly what I have been looking for.

Pertaining to survival and preparedness – being in good to excellent health is very important. In a post-SHTF world – the physical demands on the body will no doubt increase.

Without the ability to just drive to the nearest medical facility – being able to carry out this increased physical activity sans injury is important. From what I have seen thus far – Crossfit provides the ability to prepare myself for the challenges that lie ahead.

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5 thoughts on “Crossfit Training for Preppers”

  1. Rourke
    As a strength & conditoining coach, and personal trainer, I’m glad you have found a training program you can stick to. I use a extream form of crossfit we call “Crossfit XXX” it’s a mix of heavy poundages like in powerlifting, and strongman type movements, with the more traditional crossfit framework and moverments. I developed it a few years ago after a injury and surgery had me layed up for over 9 months, ( I’m former powerlifter and strongman). Now I train other former powerlifters, strongmen, and collage athleats (mostly football, and baseball). I help them get back in to there “playing shape”, as all of us are over 35years old. It’s fun, it’s hard, and being fit, truly fit, is rewarding. Remember the better shape you are in when an emergence happens, the better off you will be. The body deals with stress better. You can go farther over a longer time. Carry more. Deal with pain, and injury better. And deal with problems like diabeties, and hart troubles better.
    Big Dan

  2. I joined Crossfit two months ago and agree with everything you mentioned. It is the best form of workout I have found, both from a “fun to do” and a results standpoint. The best aspect is that it does get you in shape for just about any real activity.

    Rob Pincus suggested it when I was in one of his classes and I just happened to be thinking about getting in shape for hunting season.

    It is very intense indeed, but the atmosphere is incredibly positive. There are amazing athletes at our gym as well as people who have a long way to go. Everyone feels welcome and challenged.

  3. I looked at Crossfit but I needed to be able to work out anywhere anytime. I chose P90X because all I need is a set of resistance bands that weigh less then 1lbs. to work out. When your on the road sometimes you have to improvise, I’ve often used a tree limb for pullups. For me the hardest part in the P90X is the Yoga I just can’t get into some of those positions.

    What ever you choose its better then nothing.

  4. Rourke – Check out this link for getting in to shape. Pretty good stuff. I am sure not as good as Crossfit, but a good place for Preppers to start…


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