Survival Book Giveaway: Hold Your Ground by Joe Nobody

The folks over at Prepper Press have donated two copies of the location defense book  Holding Your Ground by Joe Nobody to give away to a couple of lucky readers.

First thought – Thank You Prepper Press for supporting the site and its loyal readers.

Second thought – I feel bad for Joe Nobody – the author. He must have been teased a lot as a kid with a name like that.   Oh well.

Here is the deal

If you want one of the books – just leave a comment here on this post as to why.

That’s it. No tricks. No special requirements. No need to sell off your first born. No need to tell me how great the site is and how wonderful I am (though it won’t hurt!).

Winner will be announced on January 31st and will be selected via random drawing.

Good luck all –



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  1. Been participating in a couple of these book give away contests… Someday it’s gotta give! Thanks for the blog and advice its a daily checkup!

  2. I read the reviews on this book, “Holding Your Ground” on Amazon. The reviews are excellant.
    Thanks for the website.

  3. The site is Great! I would like to have this book as I have been looking for ways to protect our family at the house when it all comes apart.

  4. Howdy!
    I’d like one of these books. I think it would be useful to use with my wife, as I really don’t plan on going anywhere when the SHTF. Being in our 40’s, with 3 dogs, my ‘heading off into the woods’ days are pretty much over.
    Every time we have any sort of negative weather conditions here, I see more and more how feeble and unprepared the general population and govt really are.
    I can’t weven imagine what will happen when the zombies come.

  5. I’ve actually been interested in reading this book for a while, I’ve just never gotten around to buying it. Defense prepping is right up there with water & food in importance.

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now… I’m a newbie prepper, so I appreciate all the great advice and tips! This book seems interesting and it would be great to win it!

  7. I think Rourke is the most awesome blogger ever and he always provides us with wonderful info (was that enough “sucking up”?) I had been considering purchasing the book when you first mentioned it because I am absolutely clueless on defending my home. I have all these great ideas but I think in reality, I have a worthless plan. It seems a shame to have skills and resources but no way to keep those things secure.

  8. I want this book. The main reasons are as follows:

    1) I know quite a bit about food preservation & storage, power, sanitation and other prepper topics, but while I know which is the dangerous end of a gun and can shoot, I’m a near-total moron about defense tactics.
    2) I have a wife and little girl who are depending on me to keep them safe.
    3) I have a community that is going to need all the skilled defense people they can muster when TSHTF.
    4) I need something useful to read, as I keep getting stuck in useless novels.

    Oh…and your site is great and you are wonderful. 🙂

  9. Sounds like a good book, I really think most people that say “I’m going to hold my ground do not have any idea what they are committing to, how many family members are you ready to loss to hold your ground.
    Ask your self what is your acceptable casualty rate to hold your ground.

  10. Your site is great, you are wonderful. Aside from that I want to read the book! I’d rather win it than buy it. Why do I want it? We are planning on bugging in and we live on a flat piece of land on a main road. Other than having the entire place fenced, planting berries and poison oak along the perimeter, and having a weapon available for each able bodied person, children included, I’m at a loss as to what should be done next to provide for our defense. I’m hoping the book will provide guidance. Keep up the great work, Rourke, you are wonderful!

  11. I have been wanting to buy this book for sometime. I currently live in a subdivision. When we moved to this subdivision it was actually a nice upscale community. The housing collapse has seen home values plummet and a large percentage of the homes in my neighborhood have been foreclosed on and sit empty for long periods of time. There are also people moving in that seem less than model citizens. There is an older widow who lives next to us, we have become attached to her and always help her with trash, mowing, snow shoveling ect. Recently someone threw a brick through her front window. Many houses have been vandalised and items stolen.
    We are currently looking to move to a more rural setting, but until than I am trying to set up a defense plan for my house.

  12. I would like to win the copy of Holding Your Ground. I don’t live in the best neighborhood and I think something like this would greatly improve my chances of defending my family.

  13. Rourke,
    Thanks for your valuable and informative website. My wife and I have started our “prepping” in the last 6-8 months due largely to what we have learned from you, and listening to Mr. Beck. Although I hope and pray it never happens, we must prepare. Thanks for what you do!

  14. Let me be the first to say, in this set of comments, that you do indeed have a fine blog. One of my daily gotta look at blogs.

    Now that the groveling is out of the way, I would like to have a copy of this book. My small town library does not have this book and none of my friends are preppers. Defense is a giant worry to me.

  15. JR….Sure, I’d like one of the give-away ‘Holding Your Ground’ books. You’ve had good things to say about it, others give good reviews, too. I’ve been REALLY busy so far this year, but I’d find time for this one…my favorite trick for reading time is leaving a book on the front seat of the car, and I check it out 10 or 15 minutes at a time. It worked for the 9-11 Comission report over a summer! Thanks, Mike, RebNinerOne

  16. I’d love a copy of the book. Why? Because I’m learning everything I can before it’s too late. 🙂

  17. I believe I need this to help support my small family in a bad situation. Good site, love the droid app!

  18. hello. id love to have a copy of the book, or any book that has to deal with survival in this twisted world where nothing is sacred. i have a young family to care for and so any info on preparadness or survival is vital to my families survival in the years to come, thanks for all you do and ill keep reading!!

  19. Have been fascinating about defense and defense tactics for some time and would like to read something substantial about the subject!

  20. Thanks for providing the opportunity to win another interesting book. My family understands the need to prepare but fails to take any action, so I choose to keep providing means of encouragement and education and that is why i’m interested in this book. I want to read and share the knowledge contained with my loved ones.

  21. Thank you for the wonderful information you provide. Even though 65 years of age and having done much preparing, one area I have not so well in is preparing for defense (even though I do have a 6 foot chain link fence, and a water handpump as backup) of the property. If I am not lucky enough to win this book, I will order it from Amazon anyway. Again thanks, Gary

  22. I would love a copy of that book. The defense portion of my prepping is in need of improvement and this would help immensly….and your site is awesome yo.

  23. Looks like an interesting book. Would love to have a copy to learn what others have to say regarding defense. As I have a family to protect, I would love to learn more info on the subject. Thanks

  24. Hrmmm. I wonder if MY ideas of defense are going to be as good as what is in this book. Been holding back some cross ties as either decorative planter/obsticle or as trench warfare mainbeams…

  25. I would love to get this book, I’m new to prepping and any help I can get to help point me in the right direction to learn how to defend my home, family and preps would be great!

  26. I would love this book so I can attain some useful knowledge but then I will pass it along to other peppers I know who would be interested. I love to share these books. I kinda have a prepped book club.

  27. I would like this book to learn how to defend my recently acquired homestead. I have a large family to look out for.

  28. To prep is to survive. NOT to prep, is to depend on luck.
    The analogy here, there’s a train coming down the track and you’re sitting on a 100 ft. high tressel, warming yourself and watching clouds go by. The engineer blows the horn when it see’s you at the quarter mile mark.
    Have you planned on what you’re going to do if this happens? or {HOPE} you can run fast enough to save your butt.
    I’d like this book to help us REFINE our plan and/or give us another way to look at the plans we have made.

  29. I really do appreciate the site and the daily feeds. I have a decent sized family and have been very concerned about the matter of security in our plans for preparedness. just hoping this book could give me some guidelines and directions.

  30. I’d love to have the book because it would help me in my beginning stages of prepping. As for how good the site is,,,,,,,It’s awesome thats why i’m here every day. Keep up the good work. and thanks

  31. I would love a copy of this book. We were pretty well prepared for Y2K, but need to go further than that and I’m sure this will help. Thanks.

  32. I would love to win. I am a newer to prepping and could use all the help I can get. Love getting your blog in my email. Lots of good info

  33. This is the type of book that I could use to protect my homestead being that I live out in the country and have many open areas to protect. I hope I am one of the lucky ones that wins this book. Also, how is the retreat defense book coming along? Thanks

  34. “Insert random comment explaining my unequivocable need/justification/desire for said book”.

    It’s good to hear your suppliers support your efforts with freebies as well as advertising dollars. If I win, send my copy to whoever posted the shortest reponse to your contest – preferably a simple Whiskey Tango Foxtrot or similar comment.
    Have a great day and keep your powder dry.

  35. Functioning as the full time caregiver for my daughter has been one blessing of unemployment. Two and a half years ago my career of 15 years evaporated. Since then, I have given up unnecessary purchases while my wife works to support us. Part of those luxuries are book purchases. I offset this by searching for and downloading free books from websites such as this. Our family is by no means in dire straits. However, I feel that my role as protector and family educator grows each day. Anything that I can add to our functional library would be appreciated.

  36. I am soon to be 73 but still active and healthy. Us old F***s constitute an ever growing segment of the population. We have a “Bug In” location about 70 miles from a major metropolitan city but as the crow flies only three miles from a major interstate. Defending this place is my primary concern and giving all we have to marauding punks is not my intention. This book would be a valuable addition to my survival library.
    I visit your site every day (you said it wouldn’t hurt!)

  37. looks like a great book. just what we need here in the great northern wilderness we call home. keep up the good blog Rourke- we certainly appreciate your perspective.


  38. This looks like a great read. I’d like to put it on the shelf next to my copy of The SAS handbook.

  39. Always on the look out for more information. Books that help small groups defend their homes are in short supply.

  40. I wouldl ike to add it to my meager collection. You’re great , sky is blue, all of the rest of it. Thanks for making prepping a bit more enjoyable.

  41. I would like to have this book as I have started prepping in the last month. My dad has always been a survivalist but start serious prepping last year. Anyhow, I think this would be a good one for the ne genre of reading I enjoy.

  42. Hey guys,

    I think everyone needs a FREE copy of this book because we’ll all need to save our cash for things like ammunition, food provisions and medical supplies when the zombies attack or aliens invade. Spending money on reading material at this stage is a game for fools.

    While I’m here, I want to ask everyone for some help. I want to print, frame and hang some cool hunting and shooting pictures around my house and was hoping for some help. I found one site that’s got some fantastic shots I plan to use… but was hoping to get some more copyright free pictures, similar to those to keep in the same theme.

    Can anyone suggest where I might be able to find copyright free pictures like them?

    Thanks a heap and watch your back for zombies.


  43. I live in a urban area with the highest crime rate per capita in ILL and am getting
    prepared and feel this book would be a great help.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Charles Marsden sr.

  44. Found your website quite by accident, while surfing Survival sites. I have now bookmarked it, as I find most of the content to be directly pertinent to my purposes.
    I check the blog daily . Thanks. I always enjoy the articles. Be safe.

  45. I am a patriot and a survivalist and foremost , I believe all knowledge is important and I seek to read and practice all skills and preparations I can attain . This book sounds like it’s in my part of the woods and I am anxious to get my hands on a copy . Thank you .

  46. I not only want, I need one of these books. I feel that I am a fairly well rounded prepper, but there are holes and weak spots in my preps. Area/site defense is one.Also, I am the “spark plug” for the prepper movement in this woefully unprepared area and anything I can do, any help I can get, that will help me organize, train and motivate the people I am, or most certainly will be allied with, will be appreciated!

  47. I would be extreemly greatful if i was one of the lucky two that recieved this book. Why? Well other than obvious fact that to win anything at such odds, pretty much defines luck. I really think this book could be of great use to me, in perfecting and expanding my plans/supplies for what is to come. I also think it would be a good solution to informing others of what they refuse to see. Most people tend to take things more seriously when the answers are right in front of them on paper. After i read it myself i plan on pass it on to my friends and family. The best place to keep information anyway is in your head, weighs nothing 😉 So to cut to the point i guess, i want this book because when the shit hits the fan i want to be prepared and i want to make sure others are prepared as well. We will all be in it together, we already are.

  48. Im too old to do tricks, my wife thinks I’m “special ?” and you can’t have my oldest because I won’t give up my grandson!

  49. I just finished reading “Holding Their Own” which my wife picked up for me. It was a really good read. Looking forward to reading “Holding Your Ground.

  50. man your site is great nad you are wonderful, dude. i said that to be humorous, but looking back, it’s actually kinda creepy. seriously, love the site and could really use another prepper oriented book to read. ive read all of mine and already passed them on.

  51. Thank you for your site and the efforts you consistently put into providing useable information. As a person who is “waking up”, I would greatly enjoy learning defensive preparation.

  52. We are in the process of building our dream house. Money is very tight as you might guess. Reading the reviews on this book makes me believe that the ideas in the book should be planned for and incorporated into our process.

  53. Just getting into prepping and feel I”m behind the ball on so many counts! I could use all the advice and wisdom I can get!

  54. I am always looking to expand my knowledge in this area. This book looks like it might be a good addition.

  55. I would like this because I don’t already have it and I have been devouring everything I can find related to prepping. Thanks to Prepper Press for supporting the great site Rourke has put together.

  56. How do you protect your own when a starving mob, shooters and looters, or hovering neighbors want what you have?

  57. As a child I had an imaginary friend named “Nuthin”. He could do anything. I have no doubt that he grew up to be Joe Nobody. I’d like to read his book.

  58. After seeing the You Tube video “Monsters on Anarchy” I was very disturbed and thus aware I must rethink and prepare for the ultimate worst-case scenario as described in this video.
    After viewing that video I was very conscious of weaknesses in my OPSEC and about preparation changes I must make.
    I want to acquire as much info to achieve a protected, safe, secure bug-in location for my wife, her and my children and grandchildren who are TOTALLY oblivious to TEOTWAWKI.
    The “head in the sand” attitude from the ones you love so much is so sad especially if it includes your wife.
    As I am the one who has this responsibility to attain as much info and prepare for the possibility of TEOTWAWKI, I desire this contest book.
    TEOTWAWKI is very real for us in the Pacific NW, as we are over due for the “Big One” about 9.0 as I understand.
    Thank you for your VERY informative web site —fjs—

  59. I currently have all my books on my computer and when shtf they will be worthless. I need something I can’t take with me. Who knows, when it happens that book may be all the reading material I have. Plus I have a big family to take care of and it would be awesome for them to read also.. YOUR WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!!! AND YOU ARE THE BEST HUMAN ALIVE!!

  60. I’d love it as an addition to my ever growing library. Title sounds interesting, something I could stand to know more about.

  61. Retired on SS, struggling to get by. No money to buy books the library doesn’t have and can’t get. I need this book! I’m spending more time reading on your site than I am doing my chores for a head-in-the-sand wife.

  62. I live about 10 miles outside of Detroit MI, the city is looking at a 20 BILLION dollar defecit with a declining tax base. Pontiac MI just to the north has closed the police department, fire department and are basically broke. I think I’m gonna need this book. Great site, thanks T

  63. I am interested in learning how to hold my ground during SHTF. This book seems to be focused on this specific goal and claims to address different tactics and strategies for various situations.

    I want to learn this and this book looks to be a step in the right direction.

  64. Hi Rourke! Thank you for your excellent website! Please enter me in your drawing, as I love to read about survival. Also, thank you for your recent answer to my email about the Deadwood stove, as I hadn’t taken the time to say thanks. However, you are greatly appreciated for being so honest and “down to earth”. One of us.


  65. I am new to the community of preppers but I have been of a prepping mindset since Boy Scouts. I was in the earthquake in Washington DC and then the hurricane that rolled up the East Coast a few days later.

    I was fascinated how people and society degraded into animalistic behavior in DC grocery stores and their parking lots after finding empty staple goods and canned goods shelves. The lines in the underground parking lots were like in a disaster movie with drivers breaking in line and tempers flaring. Just the things so often discussed as inevitable in a disaster.

    The sad fact of the matter was this was no where near a disaster except in that underground parking lot. DC was on the western edge of the wind warnings. Driving 5 miles north to Bethesda, MD, I found the same grocer’s Bethesda, MD, store with normal daily activity and no hint of impending doom panic. We purchased the few items we wanted and were out of the store and home in 30 minutes.

    It took 45 minutes just to safely exit the underground parking garage in DC. My lack of judgement! Never again.

    I am looking at every resource I can find to set up a reasonable survival plan that includes the so called “zombies” roaming my neighborhood at our home in another state. Not much you can do in DC with their criminal positive gun laws. Escape is the only reasonable preparation in DC.

  66. As a senior type, I feel especially challanged by the demands of ‘prepping’, and I need help. I am determined to cover as many areas as time allows — no question. This book comes with great recommendations and looks like lifesaver. My goal -don’t laugh- is to get good and ready: my intention is to be able to help others as well. Thank you for your wonderful web site and the advice and direction you offer daily.

    signed: bird mom

  67. Man this is our groups absolute worst area. We all know guns but actually knowing what and how to do it is sadly lacking, we need to learn to work as a whole. We all need some serious de-wussifing!

  68. Information is power. Also, January 31 is my birthday and this book would be a nice gift. As a sidebar, I do enjoy most of the items you post on your site.

  69. I’d like the book for advice on what to do when my “friendly neighborhood” becomes otherwise and decides the “have nots” are entitled to what my family and I have.

  70. This February 14th will be my one year anniversary! Yes, I have been prepping now for one year! Every spare dime I get now goes to my preps. Sadly, last June the company I work for took 25% of my and every other employees pay away. Prepping isn’t cheap, but I try my hardest to find deals, use coupons, go to garage sales, frequent Goodwills and the Salvation Army. Last trip I scored big, I found an older Food Saver Vacum Sealer for $3.99, and it works great! Our local Kroger store went out of business this year, everything was 50% off, so I took advantage of that. The first day of the closing reminded me of what the grocery stores will look like when SHTF. It actually kind of freaked me out, but I figured out how to rustle up a grocery cart and loaded up on can goods with good expiration dates. I would really like a copy of Hold Your Ground as this is a topic I know nothing about. Not to mention the price is right. What good is all my hard work and preperation to just have someone come take it all away from me. I have learned a lot from your website, keep up the great work! You have done more for people than you realize. Thank You.

  71. Sounds like a great book. I never win anything, but maybe this time??? I read this blog most every day, by the way. Thank in advance for the book!!!

  72. I need this book, I NEED this book, trying to get my wife on board with prepping and all the fun that goes with it and the more books I just happen to leave out for her to pick up and hopefully read the better and did I mention I need this book… Thanks for the website, Love it..

  73. It would be great to win this book, not just for me, but my family and friends too. I own a lot of books, but you won’t see half of them on my bookshelf. The information is useless sitting on the shelf. So my friends, family, and I often exchange books as we read them. Some have been passed to friends of friends and never returned – all the better. By winning the book, not only would I get to benefit from the information or ideas it contains, many others would benefit as well. Thanks for the opportunity – and if I am not the lucky one, hopefully the winner(s) reads this and gets the same idea – share it.

  74. Rourke, the site is great. That’s why I keep coming back. (And you’re also wonderful.) The book would have a welcome spot on my shelf. Thanks!

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