Sun Oven special Christmas promotion….EXTENDED!!!!

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I just got word that MSO sponsor Sun Oven has extended their Christmas promotion. With the 25% Christmas discount and ModernSurvivalOnline reader $80 Off that is a total of 40% OFF! specializes in sun ovens which use solar energy to bake, boil, and steam. These solar ovens are awesome for off-grid cooking, power outages, or for fun!. They can reach temperatures upwards of 360-400 degrees. No electricity, no charcoal, no propane. The sun provides an endless source of energy which to cook……well….anything you would normally cook at home.


Through January 12th they are offering readers a special discount along with the Christmas Special. Just click on the picture below and see the 40% OFF limited-time offer.

Christmas 14 SO_200x200_anim

Check out for more information.


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