Stuff added to the stockpile…..

Should probably do this more often as I am trying to put extra supplies back as often as possible. I get paid twice per month – 15th and 31st. I work to add a little of this and a little of that in a balanced approach.

I look to improve my position in a variety of areas however my purchases tend to be balanced. Rather than focus only on food until I am where  want to be – I add to my beans, bullets and band-aides at the same time with a focus on my weaker areas.

Here are some additions to the stockpile recently:

  • RedHead Waterproof Hiking Shoes – picked these up at Bass Pro Shops for $29.99. Review upcoming – so far so good.
  • Foodstuff
    • Rice
    • Large cans of Bean & Bacon soup (my favorite!)
    • 20 cans Chicken Noodle soup – Campbell’s
    • 10 cans Tomato Soup – Campbell’s
    • 2 canisters of Morton’s Salt
    • 20 cans Del Monte corn
    • 10 pounds Bread Flour
    • Box of Instant Milk
    • 4 cans of Powdered Whole Eggs
    • Large #10 can of whole potatoes
  • 48 pk of AAA alkaline batteries
  • 48 pk of AA alkaline batteries
  • Books:
  • Enhanced AR-15 Stock Wrench – need this to mount a single point sling on my AR
  • Tasco 1 x 30mm Red Dot Sight – mounted on my newest Ruger 10/22

This is not everything. I am constantly picking up a little of this and a little of that. Ammunition – especially .22LR CCI Mini-Mag solid points – has been being added to the stockpile weekly. I have recently picked up some .30-30 Winchester for my old Winchester 94 – which needs some TLC.

What have you picked up recently?


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  1. My supermarket has been running deals on canned soups (guess it’s soup weather now), so I’ve picked up quite a few cans.

    I’m like you… I pick it up here and there whenever I can.

    Mostly I shop sales, though. If bandages are on sale, I buy a bunch. If pasta is on sale, I buy 5-10 boxes.

    Hubby is also less likely to complain if I bring in stuff little by little. 😉

  2. Can you post a brief review of those books, especially Holding Your Ground? I’ve been looking at them for some time, but can’t seem to decide if they’re worth it.


  3. Your posting somewhat mirrors my own “balanced approach” to stocking up. I take an iterative approach to the checking and re-checking of my supplies. Each time I add something to the pile, I add a line item as needed to my list (spreadsheet) with when, what, how many, type or size, etc. This allows me to quickly evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses in my stocks and adjust my acquisitions accordingly.
    I have also removed packaging wherever it is likely that doing so will not harm the item while stored. I removed the toilet paper from the packaging so that I can squeeze the rolls flat and place them in Large Zip Loc storage bags. They are better protected and I can fit more squished flat rolls into the same area that held about 30% fewer rolls if left in the original packaging. Squeeze out any extra air from the bag to help avoid the bag getting snagged and ripped. Batteries on the other hand, I leave in the flat packaging they come in. Alkaline are not better than lithium here for long term storage in optics, lights etc.

  4. I recently bought a few cans of chile, tuna, and a jar of peanut butter to replace those I have used over the last month. (PB may be going up in price, so buy a jar now) I might buy a brick or two of 22lr and I expect to buy a really nice radiation detector soon. I did buy some “strike anywhere” wood matches. (make sure the box says strike anywhere). If you have a Harbor Freight near you, you can get magnesium strikers for $1.80, AA headlight for $2, lots of stuff cheap, some free,but you need coupons (found many places) or sign up for email ads. Make sure the quality is up to your expectations.
    A thought about batteries. Do you use that many before they lose their power? (maybe a 7 or 8 yr. shelf life unless you are buying REALLY GOOD and EXPENSIVE ones, then a 12-15 yr. shelf life) I’ve got alkaline batteries like you but now I am thinking I should get NiMH hybrid low self discharge rechargables. please check Wikipedia info. I believe I can use solar garden night lights (whatever they are called) to recharge these in an emergency and have them for the rest of my days without needing to replace or use.
    I also keep a list of items I will buy If I really feel threatened. I would get a full years supply if things seem really bad and everything I can get if I think the end is imminent. Of course, if the world doesn’t then fall apart I suppose I will have to open up a small store.

  5. I’m always getting extra Spegetti O’s and storing them in my sons room. The child is so picky he would starve to death. Sad to say.

  6. Good data Rourke
    I buy a brick a payday of .22lr’s (Enough for practice/survival/bartaring)
    Hornaday makes a pointed tip for your tube fed 30-30, that will double your range and give you more options on the proven 30-30. I will take a look at those books. Love this channel man and feel the people who sub here are smarter then the average folks out there. [Common Sense YEAH].

  7. Here is what I have picked up in the last 30 days:

    1) 2 military surplus mess kits (tableware included)
    2) 100 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leafs;
    3) 500 rounds .308 ammo
    4) Claw scope mount for my Ptr-91
    5) 10 50% wool military surplus blankets (3 lbs/ea)
    6) Canned 100lbs whole tomatoes from the garden
    7) Started contacting friends about getting a prepper group together
    8) 50 bic lighters
    9) 4 .50 cal ammo cans

    Thats about it so far this month.

    Still to come:

    1) 4×4 diesel Ford 7.3l F350
    2) 28′ 5th wheel or travel trailer (i.e., Take your bug out retreat with you)
    3) remote raw land, where I can have a fallout shelter dug/built with no notice as a hidden fall-back position from the travel trailer
    4) Way more food
    5) Much, much more!

    1) 10k more rounds various ammo

  8. Rourke,

    The ENHANCED AR-15/M4 STOCK WRENCH is an excellent addition to your AR cache of tools. It also makes a great improvised weapon.


  9. Golley….. 30 day supply of MRE items for a ‘Go Bucket’, mylar bags, oxy-sorbs, Rem870 tube extentions 12 & 20 ga., 20 oz. of silver and $31.oo face value junk, Duck tape, dryer lint, Tang.

  10. 9mm 124 gr jhp
    12 ga bird shot
    cci 22lr minimags
    more rice beans, salt
    Survivors by JWR
    3 month old labrador retriever mix

  11. 55 20 gauge truball slugs
    200 9mm Winchester Ranger JHP
    50 12 gauge Winchester Ranger low recoil buckshot
    Knoxx folding stock
    4 1oz Silver American Eagles
    10×20 plastic tarp

  12. I stock up on beans and rice, chili, powdered milk, salt, sugar,soups. I’m about to start buying some gravy as silly as it sounds but I figure it could always come in handy to add more flavor to the meal. but I’m also consentrating on razors and “health” products. These I can store in a more temp. range. I can as much meat as I can and also stock up on taco and chili powder. They are family favorites. Canned fruit and veggies. Plus I’ve been working on “camping supplies”.

  13. Lots of food preps this past payday to include beans (pinto), peaches, pears, pineapple, various spices, chicken and hamburger (both home canned), made apple butter out of apple sauce, and some other food stuffs. Also re-inventoried all my food preps. Ordered more fruit trees (2 apple, 2 peach, 2 nectarine, 1 pear, 8 blackberries) to go with the 16 other tree’s and 12 berry bushes I already have planted. I have also been stocking up on medical preps, bandages, meds, durable equipment. On the education front I have purchased Food Production Systems DVD set, Survivors by JWR, and Square Foot Gardening, And the Ranger Handbook. Later today I will be picking up some 22 ammo. Next purchase is more lamp oil and a 22 for my daughters.

  14. Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers – to split up some bulk bags of spices, powdered eggs, powdered chicken broth that has been waiting patiently for us to get to it.
    Working on medical supplies. Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream, neosporin, alcohol, peroxide, bandaids. Bandages are kind of pricey so have decided to store some maxi pads for use as bandages, (don’t laugh!) Spouse is working on making sure there is more than one magazine for each gun. To our surprise some are hard to find. Dreaming of a generator.

  15. 1. 10 lbs. of all purpose flour.
    2. 10 lbs. of jasmine rice.
    3. 500 rounds .45 ACP
    4. 4 jars of Peanut butter from Costco.
    5. 6 packs each of AA & AAA batteries from Costco.
    6. Cleaning supplies for my weapons.
    7. 3 pack of Wells Lamont Leather gloves from Costco.
    8. 2 Coleman LED lanterns from Costco (notice a pattern here…I love Costco!).
    9. Several boxes of wood stick matches/bic lighters.
    10. Several packs of quick clot/medical supplies.
    11. 2 excellent survival books.


    Two big ass bags of candy for the little ones on Monday evening.

    Happy Halloween everyone!


  16. At my favorite local supermarket, this week, crushed, or whole, or diced, or pureed Italian plum tomatoes are $1.59 for a 28 oz. can. A pretty good deal. If you have the ‘loyalty card’ which takes about 3 minutes online to obtain, ‘ they are 10 for $10. Take the time and sign up for them when available in your area. Doesn’t even matter if you use a fake name and email address, you still get the discount….

    Now, to find a spot for 30 big ol’ cans of ‘maters….

  17. My goal was to spend an additional $5 each time I went to a store. It didn’t exactly end up like that, especially by the end of the month–one of my kiddos had a birthday at the end of the month, and birthdays are a big deal, prepping or not 🙂

    I have come to love the Dollar tree for prepping stuff–they have huge candles, which I stocked up on a few months ago, and they have good back up stuff for your stuff. I don’t exactly expect the “duct tape” I bought to be as good as the real stuff, but it’s better than nothing.

    I tried to incorporate at least some things that I know my kids will eat/drink. With younger kids, like I have, you can’t always just say, “Eat/drink or do without,” so I want to have some things that they like and are used to. If I need to, I can ration or dilute what I have, to help them transition to our “new” way of life. And, I like having juice boxes and things on hand for unexpected play dates and when the team mom forgets to tell me that it’s my day to bring snacks, lol!

    I watch Kroger’s sales for food, and I did purchase other food for my pantry that’s not listed here, but that’s part of my “regular” shopping. I wanted to challenge myself to do more, and to be more prepared. The little store in our area, Bells, has been having great food sales, as listed below. I think sometimes you get better deals on sales in small stores, as opposed to larger chains.

    Looking forward to November’s tallies. I want to try to stock up on a few toys–doesn’t seem like it would be important in the grand scheme of prepping, but I want to make sure that my kids always have at least a little something for Christmas and birthdays, no matter what the state of the world is. I’ll be sure to stock up on crayons next year during back to school shopping, because crayons are always good!

    Dollar Tree $5.35
    Duct tape
    Hand sanitizer
    3 pk lighters
    Super glue
    5 pk toothbrush

    Walmart $ 6.38
    Fishing line
    4 pk AA batteries

    Academy $4.79

    Kroger $5.79
    4 lbs peanut butter

    Bells $6.58
    Toilet paper $3.59
    Laundry detergent $2.99

    Kroger $4.54
    Toilet paper 2 @ 1.77= $3.54
    Juice boxes $1.00

    Walgreens $4.06
    Cottonelle 12 pk $1.00
    Sterile gauze pads $1.49
    large antibiotic bandaids (8ct) $0.75
    assorted antibiotic bandaids (20ct) $0.82

    Bells $4.85
    Scott paper towels, 9 pk

    Bells $5.10
    bleach (96oz) $0.85
    laundry detergent power 5 @ $0.85

    Bells (more than my $5, but so proud of my great deals!)
    Swiss Miss hot chocolate 2 @ $0.85
    Hunts spaghetti sauce 4 @ $0.85
    Hunts ketchup 2 @ $0.85
    Hanover green beans (29oz) 2 @ $0.85
    sloppy joe sauce 4 @ $0.42.5
    apple juice cocktail (64oz) 4 @ $0.85
    White Lily SR flour (5lbs) $1.85
    White Lily SR cornmeal (5lbs) $1.85
    Mondo juice bottles (6ct) 2 @ $0.85
    Capri Sun juice pouches $1.85

  18. I totally agree with the games. I always try to buy my son a game during holidays/birthdays. It’s some good family time and we will have them if video games are no longer working. I’ve been trying to find some waterproof cards. I keep a pack of cards in my back pack and they’ve already came in handy when my son got bored while camping.

    I also like to stock up on books both fiction and non fiction. Much to the dismay of husband.

  19. 12 (12 can cases) #10 cans Thrive and 2 cases (6 can cases) #10 cans Gourmet Reserve freeze dried food.

    $200 (monthly allocation) Costco trip – toothpaste, canned tomatoes, bleach, and applesauce were the big items.

    1,000 rounds .308 (400 to replace last weekend’s shooting), 2,000 rounds CCI .22, 200 rounds .45 (half HP and half ball), and about 400 rounds .40 ball (middle son had me pick up whatever I could carry when I went to the gun show and I think that is what I got).

    4 new tires for the F150, 2 new tires for the cargo trailer, and 8 new tires for the ATV’s (mostly on sale and I had a coupon).

    Spare belts and hoses for the Jeep (1957 Willy’s – 2 years older than me).

    (2) 16 quart 316 SS pails (just because).

    (4) pair Wrangler jeans (hit a sale at Academy).

    Benchmade tactical tomahawk (too heavy to carry on a pack, but it would make a really neat door opener if I lost a key). Pricey, but it’s been fun to toss around – nailed a fair size rat in the barn 2 days after I got it.

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