Stuck, a survival story

Stuck, a survival story

tee ryan

June 14, 2013 at 6:48 am

I’m going to quickly enter this story of mine that has to do with survival. I guess you could say I’ve been a Prepper of some sort for several years, doing something here and saving something there.

For several years my wife would ask me “What was in those boxes that the green truck delivered”? “What was that you got in the mail today” and me always telling her, ”Oh, just some survival stuff”. It could have been anything from different kinds of foods, or just plain old survival gear of one thing or another.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, awhile back I looked outside and saw some clouds building up. Now I’ve been through 2 tornadoes in my life so far along with a few other hair raising experiences, so when I see bad weather starting up I tell my wife to get ourselves prepared. I’ll check out the weather stations, listen to the radio, and all the while help my wife get things together to throw down in the root cellar, to use if we need to get into it.

My root cellar is packed with all kinds of stuff; I mean years’ worth of my best survival stuff. Now I’ll admit that this stuff mostly consist of the ole timey camping gear like lanterns, the big ole Coleman stove, but I have also gathered up some newer stuff like a toilet seat with the 5 gallon bucket, 55 gallon barrels of water, just regular stuff people gather up for survival. I’d always tell my wife when she asked me why I spent so much money on this, that, and the other ,” if we didn’t ever have to use it we can hand it down to our grandkids or whomever is Prepper minded in our small circle”.

Now speaking of small circles, we don’t talk to a lot of people, or hang out so to speak with very many people, so when it came for us to become missing for a few days it didn’t raise any suspicion to anyone to come looking for us.

Ok, so anyhow, I noticed a storm brewing up and the wife and I got all our paper work, medication’s, cash, and a few other choice items together in case things got bad. Well, things started to get bad enough as to where even my wife was ready to go to the root cellar. We’ve had to do this a few times only to come out a short time later, none the worse for wear. Well this time we were down there for 4 days!!!!!! Talk about getting to try out some of your survival gear!!!

My wife still tells me and other people how glad she was for the stored up foods and the playing cards and domino games I had put down there, and for the water

It was a Friday evening when the storm built up and we went to the cellar. We couldn’t get cell phone reception down there so we couldn’t call anyone to help us out. What happened was a huge tree branch broke from the high winds and fell on top of the cellar door. Yep, you guessed it right, out of all the gear I had, I didn’t have anything down there to help me bust through that cellar door. In the meantime, I figured that someone would probably call us the next day to talk about the storm and notice that we didn’t answer the phone after so many days. Well, we did have several people call, and a few people even came by, but no one thought to look for us in the cellar.

In the meantime my wife and I got by quite well on all the stuff I had down there. I even managed to figure out how to get rid of our waste material: through the air vent so the smell didn’t get too bad down there during those days. We ate well, we played games, read a little bit about survival stuff with books I had put in there. Heck, we talked about everything you could talk about, LOL. We managed quite well considering what all I had put down there. Now I’ll admit that I was able to keep my wife pretty calm considering that I was pretty worried myself.

I forgot to mention a lot of other things during all this but one of the important things is that my wife is diabetic, so that’s what had us worried the most. Luckily, she had enough meds for the duration as luck would have it. Ok, again to keep this story short, it was our mailman that saved the day!!!! Our mailman knows us very well and noticed that our mail was building up at the box by the front door. After the 4th day down there we heard somebody hollering out for us in the back yard. We had already been waiting for somebody to come looking for us or notice the huge tree branch on top of the cellar, but it had been the weekend and friends and family were off doing what they do.  Like I said, our mailman knew I met him at the door every day with some fresh vegetables or one thing or another, or even just plain ole everyday gossip and it was he that heard me pounding away on the cellar door and my wife hollering out the air vent.

We come to find out, several people had called us and left messages and 2 people had stopped by and even looked briefly in the back yard to see if we were out there working. But it was the mailman who noticed that our mail was building up and both our cars were in the drive way and neither of us had met him at the door for a few days.

I know I left out a lot of stuff that we did to survive while we were down there stuck in that root cellar. I don’t type very fast and my spelling isn’t the best but I just wanted to let you know that if some of you folks might get to thinking that you’re wasting your time getting prepared for some sort of disaster, or wasting your money buying one of those 5 gallon bucket toilet kits or whatever it is that you decide to store away or stock up on, it may very well come in handy during your lifetime. As my wife will admit to this day…..”There isn’t a damn thing wrong with prepping one way or another!!!!” I wish you all the best during these hard times that are coming our way!!!

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  1. Tee points out an important issue for folks who are lucky enough to have some kind of underground shelter, but even burrowing animals (woodchucks, foxes, etc) have some kind
    of emergency escape route. With the threat of super-winds it would be so simple for
    portions of the house to block your access door and this is never mentioned in articles on the subject. BTW, people using some of those cookers in an enclosed space need to worry about carbon monoxide dangers. I have a carbon monoxide detector in my supplies for that
    very reason.

  2. I really like this tale. It is not often that we get to hear of someones prepping getting them to the far shore of disaster. regards, D.

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