Stretching money in a tough economy

I am lucky. I have a good job and my wife works as well. I am not heavy in debt.

Regardless – I am pretty particular where I spend my money. In today’s economy a little research, a little looking around and you can save a lot of money.

Here are some examples:

  •  Google Product Search – I buy a lot of stuff online. Although I make every effort to do business locally – I just cannot justify spending more money on a product “up the road” if there is a significant difference to getting it through the mail. Google has a “shopping” search function that helps find some f the best deals on the Internet. I recently bought 5 Ruger BX-25 magazines for $21.99 each plus $2.50 shipping – I found them via Google search and then I clicked n shopping in the left-hand sidebar. Using the Google search options can be used for purchasing just about anything you can think of.
Ruger BX-25 magazines for $21.99 – not bad.
  • Groupon – I have not done a lot of business with Groupon – but basically it is a site that offers deals where you can buy special coupons or products at severely discounted prices. One example is buying a $200 coupon good for a new mattress at a local store for $50.00. I also purchased a $30.00 gift card to a local plant nursery for $15.00. There can be some good deals.
  • Craigslist – Most everyone knows about Craigslist. Pretty much a giant online classified service that is totally free. Basically you log on and select your area – and use keyword searches t find what you are looking for. I have sold vehicles on Craigslist. Many preparedness products can be found inexpensively such as 55 gallon barrels and tools – among other things.
  • Classified section in newspaper – Checking your local newspapers classified section can reap some good deals every so often. Often primarily used to buy and sell cars – other products are also available. Need a working used washer machine? How about a lawn mower? What about a bike for your kid? The local classified ads can save you a lot of money.
  • eBay – I used to be a huge seller on eBay and changes over there left a bad taste in my mouth. That doesn’t mean I wont take advantage of some of the good deals that can be found. One piece of advice – watch the shipping charges. Some sellers overcharge and you loose your savings.
  • – One of my favorite ways of saving money is Amazon. They do not always have the best price – but often times they do. Almost anything can be purchased from Amazon and many products can be had with FREE SHIPPING if your orders total $25.00 or more. I place an Amazon order once or twice a month.
  • Clearance items – In most any store there is a clearance area where items are marked down  – sometimes as much as 90%. Stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and even grocery stores severely mark down items for a number of reasons. I recently bought several small coolers for $2.50 each because the packaging had changed. I also have bought tools, cleaning supplies, pet food, lighters, and much more. It takes some time but the savings can be worth it.
  • Shopping sales and using coupons – Of course shopping sales can save you money. What I promote and what I do is shop sales in quantity. I rarely buy anything for regular price. If canned fruit is on sale – I will buy 10 cans. Next time they go on sale – another 10-15 cans. In between I might use 5-6 cans so I spend less than regular price and build my stores as well. Using coupons can also increase savings especially when used at a store that doubles the value of the coupon.
  • Woot – and similar websites have special “Deal of the Day” promotions on items that can be very good deals. One website I recently found out about is CamoFire provides items daily with deep discounts that are related to camping, hunting, etc.

I believe challenges are ahead for many of us. This does not mean that in the meantime efforts cannot be made to live a little more comfortably in a world of raising prices and stagnant or declining wages. It takes time and effort – but it can be done.

Take care all –


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4 thoughts on “Stretching money in a tough economy”

  1. Great sites. I love Amazon as well.

    One of my favorite sites is Cheaper Than Dirt. It’s a no-nonsense site and you can find a TON of stuff there. They also have a lot of resources too.

    Another site that is starting to gain some users is The site is totally free and easy to use. You can set up an acount in about a minute. Post your stuff and you are ready to sell or buy. Everything is done thru Pay-Pal so it is legitimate. I have found some great deals there. I bought three 30-round MagPul magazines there from a guy for $30.00 dollars. They were like new and hardly used! Heckuva deal. You can find all kinds of gear there too. As always at those sites, there are scammers so just use common sense. It’s a pretty good site and no I don’t work for them…. 🙂

    Good stuff!

  2. I just purchase two of these and got them Thursday. Well made!!! Not Flimsy cheap plastic like the aftermarke versions. I have not had time to test them, but will report back after I have.

  3. I got one the other day, man that thing is heavy! Hoping to try it out this weekend, thanks for the review.


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