Strange weather patterns continue……..

Over the last 12 months – this planet has experienced some incredible and devastating weather patterns and events. From tsunamis, tornado’s…. to massive earthquakes – devastation has been wide-spread.

Last year’s winter across much of the United States was both frigid and record-breaking. Massive snow falls blanketed a good part of the country. I remember one weather broadcast that showed snowfall in every state except Hawaii. Just in the past week the Northeast has received snow very early unlike that which has been seen in many, many years.

See all the white in the Northeast?

I suspect the upcoming winter is going to be a rough one. Even here in the Southeast we had some rough times last winter. Around here – 1 inch of snow will shut everything down. There mere word of flurries will empty grocery stores of milk and eggs. Crazy.

In an effort to start preparing for this winter – I have done the following:

  • Tested heating system a few weeks ago.
  • Installed insulated covers over exterior faucets
  • Anti-freeze for vehicles
  • Got out my propane heater for the garage
  • Replaced battery in my Ranger (was struggling a bit in warm weather)
Beyond that – many other things that typical people do to get winter-ready are done all the time. Candles, flashlights, battery operated  radio’s – set already.
If the past several months are any indications as to what lie’s ahead – this winter will be interesting.


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10 thoughts on “Strange weather patterns continue……..”

  1. Here in the Pacific NW, we had the weirdest, shortest, mild, late summer. I too feel like we are in for a doozy of a winter. Like you, I need to replace a week battery. I am also searching for a 3rd car, something in the way of a early 70’s Scout or Travelall. That will give me a 4×4.

  2. We have already got our wood barrels under our back porch out of the weather in anticipation of bad weather. The rest of the wood is stacked and split and anytime we find more we collect it (got to love when they are putting in new utilities and they go and cut down tree’s). Also have the water stored someplace it won’t freeze. Cleaned out the chicken coop and put in a good layer of straw to keep them warm, the horse and goat lean too is next on the list for today.

  3. We got almost a foot of snow over the weekend and half of the county is without power. The front page of the local paper has a story today titled “Prepared, you bet he was” and it’s about a guy who has a generator, 20 gallons of gas, and some bottled water. It is unbelievable to me that that is actually news, I can’t believe how unprepared the general populace is. It’s actually worse than I thought!

  4. For the past two years, there have been at least one day each where there was snow on the ground in all 50 states. Yep, even Hawaii gets snow on top of some of the mountain peaks.

    You are right, weird weather! Good ideas on getting ready early.

  5. Snow? I can deal with snow, we had two feet of it last year here in AL.

    It’s those damn ‘naders that scare the #$%^& outta me.

  6. Here in Winchester/BFE, VA, we had 3-4 inches of snow last Saturday. Even a ‘vaguely-white’ Xmas is unusual here; I can remember only a handful in the past 20 years. NEVER saw snow in October before. Odd stuff.

    Combined with the recent earthquake, economic and social things going on, etc., I am seriously considering renting a truck, emptying my bank acct, filling the truck with my gear, and heading out for an ‘inspection trip’ of the nearby BOL I have been looking at purchasing, right before the scheduled 09 – 10 Nov FEMA ‘Exercises’, which fill me with unspeakable dread, even without various external strangeness spurring things on. Maybe I’m just an old paranoid geezer. Hopefully, I’ll laugh at myself, re-deposit cash and have a celebratory beer, on the 11th or 12th.

    Interesting Factoids: as of a few yrs ago, at least, FEMA had more classified documents marked Top Secret and above, than the DoD, CIA, or NSA. My old DoD TS clearance wouldn’t even get me to the front door of the FEMA facility 10 miles from my home for a job interview. (and, yes, I know the difference between classification level and compartment/handling category clearance- ‘above’ is just a generic term.)

    09 Nov might just be good to schedule as a vacation day. Just sayin’. A day or 2 in the woods can be relaxing. Bring a radio.

  7. Ken, I actually live in Berryville, VA, right to the east of Mt. Weather. The snow was quite and the stores were completely packed even the Costco in Winchester. And with all the leaves still on the trees, I must have seen 10 large branches snap like twigs in about 20 minutes, and one of the branches hit a power line cutting off power to my neighborhood (thank god it wasn’t as bad as some of the other places around who still have no power). Since then I ordered a few surplus wool blankets and got them yesterday, and since we can’t afford to get a generator, I’m gonna see if I can convince my dad to get a propane heater. The snow doesn’t really bother us in terms of food since we usually have plenty of food that we don’t have to heat up and will last a while.

  8. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jess .

    Remember, every little prep helps – you can’t build your own “Mt. Weather” overnight 🙂

  9. I’ve actually been living in this part of VA for about 5 years, and before that Washington State, LOTS of great bug out locations there haha, but if you decided to go up into the mountains, make sure to carry a good gun, and not for the 4 legged animals either XD

    I just actually started to become a prepper about 7 months ago and so far, I’ve gotten my dad to get some more canned food, and I went and bought a box of MRE’s.

    This website has actually helped out a bit Rourke, keep it up 😀


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