Stocking up…….recent additions

In my never-ending quest to stock up on supplies – here are a few items I have aquired recently:

  • I picked up some supplies for my M1 Carbine. Many of you may cringe  – but I like the M1 and have purchased a Choate stock for it. I also picked up several 15 round magazines as well as a couple of 30 rounders. I have ordered a new rear sight as well as a metal hand guard. Once I get everything assembled – I will post some pictures.
  • 10 cans of Dinte Moore Beef Stew have been stored away. At $2.00 a can at Wal-Mart – it is a good deal. Will get more.
  • 4 cases of Raman Noodles – Beef Flavor
  • I picked up about 20 pounds of rice to pack away in mylar and buckets.
  • 3 Home Depot buckets with lids for mylar packing food
  • As I recently posted  – purchased a 5500W generator. Glad to have it.
  • 14″ Gas Powered Chainsaw
  • 4 large boxes of instant mashed potatoes
  • Pack of 48 AAA batteries – all alkaline
  • 500 rounds .22LR CCI Tactical ammo

Well – there are a few things put back. More to come.


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  1. I think the M1 is a great weapon. It’s built like a tank and with the Choate stock,Which by the way I really like their stocks,it will be a very accurate and well built gun and should serve you another 60 years or so. I am going to have to check my local Wally world to see if they have the dinty moore stew on for the same price because I love their stew. You can’t go wrong with the ramen noodles. I already heard about the generator and I am a bit jealous about that one. I hope the chain saw is still working well for you, and I hope you don’t have anymore trees come down and almost damage your garden. Great job on the preps bro. Keep it up.

  2. tractor supply has a really great deal on mini mag lights led with batteries for $1.99 each and a 24 pack of aa alkaline batteries for $5.00. Just lettting you know

  3. I picked up another 20 lbs of rice at the Winco grocery yesterday. My daughter thought $13 for 20 lbs of anything was a good deal, so I told her, “Not really, considering I used to pay $9 for it.” She laughed and said, “Sure, like 20 years ago,” the implication being (as teenagers often like to point out to us) that I’m old. She stopped laughing when I told her that’s what I paid in 2008 — in fact, she got real serious, real fast! She’s always thought prepping is rather alarmist, but I can tell now she’s giving it a lot more serious contemplation.

  4. I agree with Badvooddaddy, Rourke. Rumsfield once said you go to war with what u have not what u want, in other words its what u can afford first and like last. I carrried the M-1 a few times during my tour and it’s good for close in jungle/urban situs and is small light and handy. Should be good enough for small game up to small deers 110 grains. You might consider reloading because ammo is going up in price. I recommend 500-100rnds as a minimum. Love the dente moor and chilie an corn beef hash and spam. I stocked up on rice after it was announced that the blowing of the dikes flood the rice fields and it turn out it was about 1/2 of the rice the United States grew, all now underwater. I bought 4 20lb bags and sealed them. You us Hawaiians we love de rice

  5. Don’t spend money on buckets for storage! Your local bakery will probably give away old icing buckets for free!

  6. Here are some great bucket tips: Buying 100+ food safe 5gallon standard buckets doesn’t always pan out. Tractor Supply stocks Letica brand for $2.99/each. US Plastics has the lids for about $1.30 with seal. They are well made and you can purchase as you need them instead of a big bulk buy. Bought the same thing, but freight made them cost over $4 each for just the bucket!

    Dunkin Donuts and Bakeries offer free buckets, but they are typically a much thinner wall and do not have lids. Plus cleaning them out is a huge mess. I used those buckets for planters if needed.

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