Stock up now before prices increase…….Wise Food Storage

I just received word that a price increase is coming soon on some Wise Food Storage foods.

For a limited time is offering their 60 serving  Freeze Dried Meat Bucket for $109.00 with FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States.

Here are the details:

60 Servings – Freeze Dried Meat Bucket

Product within this bucket:
* Roasted Chicken (12-Srv)
* Southwest Style Chicken (12-Srv)
* Teriyaki Style Chicken (8-Srv)
* Stroganoff Style Beef (8-Srv)
* Cheesy Ground Beef (8-Srv)
* Savory Roasted Ground Beef (12-Srv)
Shelf Life: This bucket has a Shelf Life of up to 15 Years, no rotation needed.


Would make a good addition to the pantry.


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  1. My only comment is to make certain you know exactly what you are buying when you get into packaged food supplies. And, this applies to every one of the manufacturers out there.

    Many of their “servings” have 300 calories or less and some of the food plans expect you to survive on 800 calories per day. Furthermore, the sodium content is extremely high (salt is a preservative and makes otherwise poor quality food taste palatable). For example many of the Wise food servings have only 150 to 300 calories and they only plan on you eating 2 to 4 servings per day. Further, many of their “servings” have 800+ mg of sodium (hard for us with high blood pressure to tolerate).

    Short term survival conditions are drastically different from long term situations. You and your family can probably make do for 1 or 2 weeks on survival rations, but if you plan to move, farm, hunt, defend, or otherwise participate in an active lifestyle for an extended period of time you really need to assess your calorie and nutrition needs and stock up accordingly. Two MRE’s have about 2,500 to 3,000 total calories. That is considered bare minimum for military personnel in active work in temperate climates. It easily doubles in extreme cold conditions. An active 180 pound human male needs about 1,800 to 2,000 calories just to sustain their condition – more if he is working hard (farming is not an easy job, patrolling and scouting are just as difficult) or recuperating from any serious injury.

    I am not trying to persuade you not to buy packaged supplies, just make damn certain you have researched what you are buying or you will have a very extensive collection of food which will not sustain you through the first winter.

    Also, stock up on multi-viamins. Most packaged foods are not enriched and so even with a full belly you may be malnourished.

    • Hi Harry –

      You are correct on all points.I utilize long-term food storage products like Wise and Mountain House to add diversity to the diet.


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