Spring is coming and a few random thoughts………

Gardening – Here in the South the weather has really turned warm in the past week. On Saturday the temps got up in the 70’s. Those warm rays beaming down from the sun reminded me that in just a few weeks many of us will begin preparing to garden. Those that start seeds indoors likely already have started their gardening preps.

The weekend around April 6th – weather allowing – will be my start. Tilling the garden, adding some amendments, and starting to plant some seeds are tasks to be done. Over the past few years I have planted most all of my summer garden crops by May 1st.

To try to lengthen the season as much as possible I plant everything over the course of 4 weeks in April. I do not plant all my cucumbers during week one. No, I plant a few mounds the first week, then a couple more the second week, and so on. I do the same for most all other crops as well. Why? Two reasons. The first is so that I will start harvesting early – and plants will reach maturity at different times. This allows me to enjoy the vege’s over a longer period of time. The second is so that I do not loose ALL my crops should there be a late season frost – which does happen.

I am really looking forward to this planting season. I am going to be trying corn this year – so if anyone had any “secret growing techniques  please feel free to share.


North Korea – As I continue to see the saber rattling from North Korea I wonder what they think they are going to gain from it.


Upcoming Plans – The week of April 1st I am going to be distracted with some other responsibilities. With this in mind I will likely re-post some “blasts from the past” as well as guest posts and video’s.  I will be slow to deal with any technical difficult, comments, and respond to emails. If there are any issues with the site – please email me as I may be oblivious to it. I will make another announcement when the time draws near.


A selfish, shameless plug – My other website SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com is doing great. If you are not familiar – SCP is a preparedness website which is geared towards the “older prepper”. Over the past several months the website has grown into a community – one which I think several of us look at it almost like an extended family. There is a group of volunteers over there that are writing and sharing their knowledge and experience. They are fantastic!! It is really incredible. You don’t need to be “seasoned” to enjoy and benefit. If you have the time and the inclination – take a visit.

There is a page that lists every single post ever published on the site – see it here http://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/more-great-stuff/site-post-list/.


Lastly – I appreciate all the comments recently. It is great to hear from people and although I cannot respond to every comment – I value them greatly.

Take care all –


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  1. Rourke ,wow your garden site looks beautiful.It will be the end of May before we can plant here.
    It was 13 last night.
    I enjoy your senior site also-thanks for all your hard work. Arlene

  2. I envy you. I am sitting here this morning looking out at a winter storm. I love the snow and the mountains which is why I live here but I am so ready for Spring and then Summer. I hope to plant in late may or early June.

  3. Rourke-re: North Korea. My hunch is that they will use a nuclear missile
    to create an EMP above us and knock out significant electrical grids.I sense they will try this sooner than our Gov. expects.

  4. The wife and I spent this weekend prepping the garden. This year we did the old school -no till- prep, using an -all purpose plow and a -smoothing harrow- instead of our tiller and the whole process was much more enjoyable and the results are very promising. As with you, our weather this weekend has been fantastic, 10 degrees above average, thank you global warming! We are working towards never having to buy any veggies, and hunting for most of our meat. Self reliance has many rewards, including healthy food and full bellies.

    John Gault… somewhere in Georgia

  5. Re North Korea. I think North Korea is making threats against the US because they have been asked to by President Obama.

    He sent Dennis Rodman over there to pass a message, “Make the US people pay more attention to North Korea so they don’t see me banning guns and divert attention from the sequester that I brought on.”

    Also, “Make the US people feel like they need me to protect them from the Big Bad NK.” He resurrected a Bush plan for missile defense that Obama killed 4 years ago. Since it was cancelled, it will take quite a while to get it going again. Particularly since Obama said that the EPA has to OK the launcher sites.

    Then the NK will get food from the US when they back down as a prearranged payment from Obama. Probably after a firmly worded statement from our fearless leader.

    It is looking even more like part of Obama’s plan with US pulling interceptors out of Europe to place in Alaska, eventually.

    “…Pentagon officials said that Russia’s longstanding objections played no role in the decision to reconfigure the missile interceptor program, which they said was based on the increased threat from North Korea and on technological difficulties and budget considerations related to the Europe-based program…”

    I guess Obama has more flexibility now.

  6. When growing corn, make sure you plant the seeds at least eight inches apart and no more than twelve … you must plant at least a 4 foot by 4 foot grid of corn to get any viable ears … before you plant, mix in some organic blood meal … it’s a great source of nitrogen, unless of course you can mix in some well composted manure.

  7. Just finished building my solar off grid home. Now I need to prepare for survival by providing my own food. I live in southern Colorado, pretty much in sage brush and chico bushes. I have thought about a hydoponic or aquaponic system under a geodesic dome. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and give me your thoughts. Thanks again!

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