Sponsor Highlight: Shelf Reliance

This week I am highlighting sponsor Shelf Reliance here at ModernSurvivalOnline.

SHELF RELIANCE is a company that specializes in food storage, storage rotation, and emergency preparedness products. Their goal is to help families prepare for whatever tomorrow may bring, allowing them to feel confident if disaster strikes.

Shelf Reliance Website

Shelf Reliance carries many different survival & preparedness supplies – a few I really want to point out to you:

  • THRIVE Long Term Food Storage – THRIVE is Shelf Reliance’s product line of freeze dried/dehydrated food packed in cans for long term storage. Cans are color coded by food category and each can is dated on the bottom when it was packed. There is an excellent selection of foods ranging from sweet corn, strawberries, bacon, chicken,  as well as eggs.

THRIVE food storage, freeze dried food, TSHTF, TEOTWAWKI,

  • Cansolidator Food Storage System – An automatic can food storage system – automatically rotates up to 40 cans. I have one of these and love it – would like to get more.

    Cansolidator, Shelf Reliance, food storagge, survival food

  • Other cool stuff– Shelf Reliance also carries a full line of “ready to go” survival kits as well as a large assortment of survival tools such as radio’s, candles, lightsticks, backpacks and more.


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  1. I ordered a shelf unit from them, a Harvest 51″. They charged my CC right away and then took 6 weeks to ship the unit. After making several inquiries about when the unit would ship, I have to say their customer service stinks, but the shelf is pretty nice. Fair warning.

    • Hi Chip –

      Thanks for the comment.

      Glad you liked the shelving unit – they are awesome. I am sure that what you experianced is not the norm – at least that is what I have heard from others.

      Thanks – Rourke

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