Sponsor Highlight: Ready Made Resources

I want to promote one of my original sponsors – Ready Made Resources . I am very particular when it comes to who I allow to advertise on this site – and was very excited to find out that Ready Made was interested way back when.

Ready Made Resources is one of the oldest and most experienced companies dealing in survival and emergency preparedness supplies….period.

From Ready Made Resource’s “About” page – they carry “affordable products – everything from hand powered grain mills, well pumps and water filters to long term food storage, camping supplies and cold weather gear. Check out the variety of our website categories and see for yourself that our selection is unsurpassed!  Thank you for your interest in Ready Made Resources. We look forward to making you another satisfied customer.”

If you are looking for disaster survival &  emergency preparedness products – check out Ready Made Resources.


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  1. Ready made screwed me around for five months on a Berky system. I called and called and was fed a line many times.
    They did sent one when it was apparrent they were out of excuses. Oh and they charge you before shipping so I paid for my product which I believe now they did not intend to ever ship unless I kept calling. thumbs down

  2. As the owner of Ready Made Resources, I can assure you this is an anomaly. If the person who left this comment would call and Identify himself to the moderator and myself. I will send him something for his trouble.

    Robert Griswold, Owner

  3. I don’t think it is an anomaly. Bacon Bacon, not delivered and or given a date when it will be delivered other than we are looking into it.

    • Paul –

      Please contact Bob at Ready Made with your concerns. Ready Made is a very reputable company stands behind their service. They have been in business for a very long time and I highly recommend them.

      Thanks – Rourke

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