Grover Rocket Stove Review

Grover Rocket Stove located at offers some very unique and preparedness-minded products. Grover Rocket Stoves are made in the USA and are an excellent solution to the often asked question – “How can I cook and heat without electricity, propane, gas, etc?”.

rocket stove

I have a Rocket Stove just like what is pictured above and love it. It is easy to start as well as to keep lit. Wood is the typical fuel and with that – you pretty much have an endless fuel supply.

I am planning on buying one of the tent stoves pictured above. Great value for the ability to cook/heat indoors – as well as out. Built like a tank. also carries a variety of survival kits, flashlights, and even a DC Generator.


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3 thoughts on “Grover Rocket Stove Review”

  1. rourke
    hey piced up the solar oven a couple of months ago. have not tried it yet. a must for shtf
    ps how’s your solar back up coming? i have two habor freight systems with 1000 watt inverter and 3 100 amp hour deep cycle batteries, trying to figure out how much i can run

    • Hi Paul –

      My Harbor Freight System is still sitting in the box. Planning on setting it up next week -will post about it as I go.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. My Dad & I, with the assistance of a friend that has a lot of woodworking/carpentry equipment built our deluxe SOLAR OVEN right after all the Y2K hype faded away. My oldest son made the reflector housing out of stainless steel to which I have attached plexi-glass mirrors to relect the sunlight into the cooking space. Wheels were mounted on the bottom to assist in moving the oven around our poolside area for optimum sunlight! Typically in in NW Louisiana where we reside, the summer temperatures in the SOLAR OVEN reach 400 degrees F. In the winter (when the temperature outside was below freezing), the oven reached 325 – 350 degrees F regularly.

    Additionally, I have purchased a SOLAR SIZZLER (a parabolic cooker) from a family/company in Canada. Our SOLAR SIZZLER is set-up on a tripod and has a cooking grate suspended over it by using a hanging plant arch (sorta like a shepherd’s staff). I have boiled or fried almost everything that needs boiling or frying when cooking. We have even fried eggs and bacon, pork steaks, and hamburgers with it. The parabolic is 36 1/4 inches in across and when focused properly will ignite a newspaper in mere seconds! As an added plus, the SOLAR SIZZLER breaks down into several pieces and stores in a small box for traveling!

    We have a private park behind our home with many older trees that are dropping branches all the time. In addition, we have approximatley 20 plus trees on our lot resulting in a lot of kindling. I hated throwing all this fuel away so last January I purchased a ROCKET STOVE from Stove-Tech. The ROCKET STOVE was perfect! Now I keep several large buckets of kindling and tree limbs handy for cooking. Once lit, the ROCKET STOVE has very little or no smoke and can cook anything you cook inside on a stove! With these three items and my charcoal grills, my family will always have hot meals and safe drinkable water as long food and a water source can be found! (I would like to try out a GROVER ROCKET STOVE in the future!)

    We have cooked everything from breads, cakes, roasts and other meats, beans, potatoes, rice, and other veggies with the SOALR OVEN and SOLAR SIZZLER cookers!

    If anyone is interested, they can check out the photographs of our SOLAR OVEN, SOLAR SIZZLER, and ROCKET STOVE on my Facebook page. The e-mail address is: [email protected]

    Jungle Jim


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