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I just received word that The Berkey Guy (Directive21.com) has received a shipment of Wise Food Storage packages and has in stock a large supply of 56, 60, & 84 servings buckets. With the recent shortages of many long-term food storage solutions – this is good news.

Directive21.com carries a wide variety of product in addition to the 25-year shelf life WISE Food’s. These products include the reliable Berkey Water Filtration Systems.

In addition to the WISE foods and the Berkey Water Filters – Directive21.com also carries the long-term food solution – the Emergency Seed Bank and the Herb Seed Bank.

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Emergency Seed Bank


herb, seed bank, growing food, survival, preparedess, herbal, seeds
Herb Seed Bank

These are not the only products by far carried by Directive21.com – to me more – click HERE.




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