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awlsThe book “All We Like Sheep” is a fresh new novel by C M Cannon – and is also a sponsor of ModernSurvivalOnline.com. This page-turner combines historical fiction, conspiracy theory and crime drama to engulf the reader in a world of intrigue, murder, and revolution.

Considered by some to be a kind of DaVinci Code for conservatives, this political thriller will appeal to those who long for a return to America’s founding principles, for the days when individual freedom and personal responsibility walked hand in hand.

One five-star Amazon reviewer wrote; “ Well-written and thought-provoking, this book is history-based fiction, yet it rings quite true in today’s world…It may, in fact, prove prophetic. A refreshingly original story with action, intrigue and wonderfully engaging characters, this book is clever and powerful.”

Another wrote; “An historical fiction novel that brings the Founding Fathers and their influence to modern day events. The concepts and ideas were fresh and interesting. I found myself connecting with the main character, Maddy Thomas, and the difficult situations he went through. Great character development throughout multiple storylines. Highly recommend it!”

The book is available in paperback and numerous e-book formats at


If you read only one novel this summer, pick up the exciting and insightful All We Like Sheep.

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