Special sale from The Berkey Guy on Emberlit Stoves…..


The Berkey Guy is well known for….well…..Berkey water filters. They are awesome and have my highest recommendation. The Berkey Guy over at Directive21.com carries a lot more than water filtration products. They carry variety of survival and preparedness products including Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, Heirloom Seed Banks, Medical Trauma Kits, flashlights, and even small solar kits.


The Berkey Guy also carries a line of cooking stoves called Emberlit.

Emberlit Stoves are lightweight bio-fuel units that disassemble flat for easy storage and are super lightweight. Burning anything from sticks, twigs, pine cones, paper, cardboard – and anything else that is flammable. Super easy to pack – once assembled it will hold any pot or pan that you wish due t its sturdy construction.


Currently available in stainless steel and ultralight titanium (only 6 ounces!).

For more information visit http://www.directive21.com/product-category/cooking-heating-tools/.


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  1. Bought an Emberlit here recently and it works great. had water boiling at right around 2 minutes. Once you learn sequence easy quick setup. Cleans up nicely only downfall is no storage bag coming with it. – Chief

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