Special FREE SHIPPING from DeadWoodStove.com

DeadwoodStove, rocket stove, camping, survival, preparedness, cooking,

DeadwoodStove, rocket stove, camping, survival, preparedness, cooking,

Hello all. I am very excited to tell everyone that DeadwoodStove.com is doing a special promotion for ModernSurvivalOnline readers only.

Here is the deal……

Go to DeadwoodStove.com and order one of their wood burning cook stoves. At Checkout enter “mso” and receive FREE SHIPPING. This special promotion will go on until December 15th.

I am going to be doing another post shortly on DeadwoodStoves as they just became a sponsor – but I did not want to wait to spread this news.

emergency, cooking, disaster, SHTF, preparedness

I have used stoves like this before and love them. The mere fact that they run on a fuel that is virtually limitless makes them very valuable.

Thanks –



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  1. I HAVE BEEN putting up large bags of pasta (6lb) bags, LARGE BAGS RICE (20lb) instant Taters, Large supply of various beans, soup mixes that make a gallon at a time, stuff I and my wife like……some freeze dried when the good stuff goes on sale, various canned goods, knives, survival Leatherman tools, LITE STICKS, FIRST AID misc., fire starting tools,magnesium blocks, multi paks of Bic Lighters, ZIPPO LIGHTERS, FLINTS, FLUID, IT ALl COMES IN HANDY…..Volcano stoves, Coleman DUAL FUEL STOVES, I AM PRETTY MUCH SET FOR A 6 MOS PERIOD BUT I PREFER A ONE YEAR FOR TWO PERSONS……. I OVER STOCK WHEN I CAN……

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