Special announcement………….

Country Retreat

I am very excited to announce that myself and David Kobler – aka SouthernPrepper1 from YouTube have teamed up to work on a special new project………

a book on retreat defense.

As the world today becomes a more dangerous place which to live – people more and more are beginning to prepare for the uncertainties which lay ahead. Part of this preparation involves the establishment of a retreat which one can go to live and survive.

This retreat may be where you live now. It may be in the country or the suburbs – it may even be in the city. Regardless – it is critical to take certain precautions to protect your retreat and its contents. After a major disaster – those who failed to properly prepare will become desperate to provide for themselves – and their family. They will try to take from others – even from you.

This is the objective of this book – to provide the necessary information to properly secure a retreat and protect its valuable contents.

I have created another website to provide updates and information as this project progresses – TheRetreatDefenseBook.com. If you are interested in getting updates – visit the website and enter your email address in the “subscribe” box.

This will be a lot of work but getting this valuable information to as many people as possible in these troubled times will be worth it.


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  1. Great idea! Dave is very astute in this area and I respect all the work he has done so far on youtube etc… This will go a long way in giving people the knowledge they need in this particular area. (including myself)

    I can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks

  2. I am thrilled to learn of your new book. As you say, it will be a lot of work but I am sure that the results will be worth it!

    — Gaye

    PS – I tried to leave a comment at your new website but it got hung up asking repeatedly for a password even though I enter one (twice). FYI

  3. Great idea, this is an area of big concern to me. All the preps in the world won’t help without the ability to defend it. Also maybe look into traveling in a defensive mode to your bug out location or home. The time to go may not be clear and the roads could be filled with “raiders” by the time you set out. Will be looking forward to the book. T

  4. Congrats. This should be interesting. The only other ‘manual’ or book I’ve seen on this subject has been Ragnar Benson’s books on Retreats. Modern Survival Retreat (horrible book) and his original Survival Retreat.

    I see you’re including suburban retreat in the book. So I take it you don’t subscribe to the “if you don’t move out into the middle of no where (or into the country) you don’t stand a chance post-TSHF”? But I understand the pros/cons to them. Looking forward to the completed work.

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