SouthernBellPrepper gives us sad news – LDS Cannery

SouthernBellePrepper passes on news that the LDS canneries – at least along the East Cast – are ceasing allowing people to can their own food. She goes on to state that food will still be available in pre-packaged form.




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  1. It is the same here in southern Utah. I believe anyone can purchase from the canneries, LDS members or non LDS members. Their prices cannot be beat. I will miss going in and canning the various items. My town has grown peaches and apricots for decades for the cannery.

  2. LDS has the best preparedness manual I have ever read 407 pp and they sell it at cost ( about $16.)
    I have never seen their canneries but I imagine they are overwhelmed at this time so I cannot blame them .

  3. The LDS Church is a God sent to all preppers and people who would like to be ready. Still the best when a disaster strikes they are always there to help the people any way possible.

  4. Not entirely true. The LDS still allows you to check out a canning machine so technicaly you could can your own items. You still must buy some supplies and food from them but who is to know you have purchased more cans and lids else where? They do not come to your home and stand over you as you can!

  5. I just spent the afternoon on Thursday (5-9-13) at the LDS cannery in Stockton CA canning a WHOLE bunch of bulk goods. Can’t say enough good things about the folks there that help out, including the fact that they absolutely refused my offer of a donation above the cost of the goods. They told me they have heard nothing about changing the cannery’s policy. That is good news, especially since I am not a member of the LDS church. Just wanted to pass this along.

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