PART 1: Sourcing antibiotics for storing in case the SHTF

On December 1st Dr. Bones of The Doom and Bloom Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy had a Guest Post published here on ModernSurvivalOnline. In it he discussed the need for antibiotics as a preparedness supply and made some recommendations. If you have not read the article – please do so.

Here was his recommended antibiotic supply list:

BIRD BIOTIC (Doxycycline 100mg) – used in birds but the antibiotic is, again, the sole ingredient

In sourcing these for a supply order of my own – I checked out which had been recommended to me by several readers. I found all of them to be available and most with past buyer reviews. I found that many reviewers commented on their use being for their “fish” – and when you read between the lines it was obvious the “fish” were really humans.

Cost appears to be decently affordable. I have placed my order for a few bottles and over the next two months plan to complete my antibiotic supply list.
Next is to obtain a credible dosage chart/guide for each.
In PART 2 I will take a look at another option: legally obtained “meant for human consumption” antibiotics purchased on the Internet.

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7 thoughts on “PART 1: Sourcing antibiotics for storing in case the SHTF”

  1. I’ve bought the Thomas Laboratories variety from Amazon before, and in every case theirs checked out using the pill identifers at and

    I’d like to hear Dr Bones discuss basic antibiotic selection for the medical layman, determining bacterial resistance or when to switch antibiotics, and when (and with which ones) antibiotic combination therapy might be warranted.

  2. Rourke, are you going to be storing those biotics for the fish in the freezer like many have suggested to keep them longer or just toss them into a ammo can in a cold dry place? I guess the next step in storing medicines is how they are to be stored for their maximum life.

    • My plan is to store all medicines according to the bottle – possibly in the fridge.

      Freezing can change the chemical composition of “stuff” – ever tried freezing lettuce? Freezing might be fine for antibiotics – but I do not plan on it.



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