Some interesting firearms

I love guns – of all types. I own several now and they are geared towards the “defensive” category and have more purchases planned as the budget (and the wife) will allow. I have recently seen a few newer firearms that I thought were pretty interesting. Figured I would pass these on to you as well –

Taurus Carbine CT G2

 For more info visit…….

Kel-Tec Shotgun – KSG

 For more info on Kel-Tec…… – goes for the gun below as well.

Kel-Tec RMR .22 Magnum Carbine
Masterpiece Arms 22LR Side Cocking .22LR Mini Pistol

 Info on Masterpiece Arms………

Smith & Wesson M&P .22LR Pistol

Smith & Wesson website………. 

Masterpiece Arms 9MM Side Cocking Pistol

 Info on Masterpiece Arms………

I am really interested in the Taurus Carbine. If it sells for the right price that is. I used to have a 9mm carbine called the Marlin Camp 9 and loved it.

Take care all –


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13 thoughts on “Some interesting firearms”

  1. They list the shotgun as being in the “$800 range”. It holds 14 rounds and has picatinney rails. Picatinney rails always seem to be expensive. LOL

  2. The Kel-Tec Shotgun and M&P 22 (good training gun) look awesome. I can’t justify spending money on either, but they would definitely be fun to shoot. 🙂

    – TP

  3. The offerings from Keltec look awesome! Seriously good post SHTF weapons. On the other hand, The uzi style of the masterpeice .22 and 9mm are pathetic, with virtually no use unless you are a few feet from your target.

  4. Mungo could not be more right about the 9mm’s being pathetic. 9mm is hardly a good round for a pistol, 147 grain in +P+ is when it becomes something to work with as a round. 9mm in a rifle is nothing to for anyone to cheer, it serves no real purpose. Yes, it can kill but other rounds and other weapons are easily better at it.

  5. Rourke,

    I have a 9mm and have just ordered a new rig for it from Raven Concealment so I can start using it in IDPA matches. Its cheap to shoot, and does good job for what it is in a round, in a rifle though, it is nothing more then a answer to a problem that didn’t exist.

    As to .40, that is a good round and should be used by most of the shooters out there. Great performance and really good stopping power. I would like to see firearms companies offer pistols in .40 with a 5″ barrel more then they do in 4.5 or 4 inch barrels. There’s enough gas to in the load that I think a 5″ barrel would really give better performance to a already great performer.


  6. Hold the phone guys. I was not disparaging the 9mm round. With a +p cartridge and a solid platform like the glock or even an M4 variant, the 9mm is very effective. My beef is with the Uzi style of gun. With no full auto, that platform is what is pathetic, not the 9mm. Even more so with a .22 semi auto Uzi. Seriously sad. now look at the Keltec in .22 mag. That bad boy is a meat gun all the way.

    • Justus: Awesome article – OK – waiting for it……waiting for it… someone going to bring up the 9mm versus .45 debate?

  7. While Rourke has a new post about this debate in a new daily post, I will say simply this about the 9mm vs .40 vs .45 debate.

    Get a pistol that fits YOUR hand, that YOU can handle in any of the above caliburs and you can’t really go wrong.

    A Quality 1911/Glock/XD/Baretta/etc that the shooter can handle is a far bigger consideration than the calibur to start. As many know (and have done) if you weak hand many of these weapons or caliburs they will jam on you, bad joo joo.

    As far as the round, the 9mm CAN expand as big as the .45 but the .45 never gets smaller. Of the .40s I’ve shot I’ve liked them and if I hadn’t been raised on .45s since I was 10 years old I’d probably have a .40.

    Now any of the 9mm, .40 or .45 offerings can be a decent round in the right hands. No round is a one shot stopper, not even my beloved .45 ACP, it is dependent on the shooter to be competent (and confident) to put bullet into meat. The best self-defence frangable rounds in a .45 do no favors for the small stature shooter with recoil flinch from the pistol.

    The round, like the weapon, are simply “tools in the tool box”.


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