Snow in Buffalo…..

Need to be reminded of why preparedness is not something crazy people do but rather common sense and a responsibility? Take a look at these pictures from Buffalo, NY. When a snowfall can be measured in YARDS that is one heck of a storm!

Remember – not everyone was sitting at home when this snow fell. People were stuck at work, in schools, and in their car. Another reminder to be prepared wherever you are. A little planning and keeping a kit in the car would do wonders in being able to handle a variety of situations.


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5 thoughts on “Snow in Buffalo…..”

  1. Rourk great photos. Here in NYS we are getting RAIN and 37 degrees.Tomorrow it may be 50 degrees-FLOODING will be monumental for those off the Great Lakes. This kind of disaster could happen anywhere .( with ice, drought, tornadoes etc.) I wonder how many preppers in that area were sure glad they were as ready
    as possible.
    Paul are you in the snow zone? Prayers to all in the danger zones . Arlene

  2. Hi Arlene
    No.. I’m in Niagara falls just north of all the snow. We only got. Four inches during the whole event. I have customers that had over 84″ of snow…..incredible!

  3. Paul B -We took our children to Niagara Falls years ago and my parents honey mooned there.
    With the weather report in advance I was surprised many people didnt have food, water their vehicles-even though this storm was early and so massive. It was fortunate that most people had power .How are folks faring there now -have you heard?
    We are about 35 miles west of Albany.We live on a farm. Arlene


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