Small step in EMP preparation….

An EMP event is one disaster that I am not very prepared for – and is one of the most difficult. Being that my son is a diabetic – I have taken some steps to protect his insulin pump and testing equipment.

Unlike many other diabetics – I have managed to come into possession of a spare insulin pump – which is extremely expensive. Here is what I have put together. Sorry – not the best pictures –

I have taken a .50 cal ammo can and assembled the following contents:

insulin pump, spare

test strips – 300 count

IV Prep wipes

2 – glucose testing meters

(not pictured – syringes, extra batteries)

I have the insulin pump wrapped in a plastic grocery bag and then stored in an old .22LR ammo can. The reason for wrapping it in the plastic bag is so that it does not come in contact with the metal surface of the storage can.

All of the contests are wrapped in plastic grocery bags to keep them away from the metal surface of the .50 cal. ammo can. The insulin pump is double protected as it is in the old .22LR ammo can and then protected in the larger .50 cal. ammo can.

My hope is that if there is some kind of EMP event – at a minimum I will have protected a portion of the supplies that I have stockpiled. I do have plans to do more – but this is a start.


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12 thoughts on “Small step in EMP preparation….”

  1. dude, make sure you take off the rubber seal.
    the metal can has to be a full contact all the way around.
    you can look into this on the internet.
    plenty of videos and post.
    good thinking though.
    you have to take care of you and yours.
    A+ for thinking ahead.

  2. Thanks for sharing your setup, Rouke!

    My background is in electrical engineering, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve spent the last 15 plus years working with computers, not electricity. So, I’m very rusty in my knowledge on the subject.

    I’ve been told by some survival specialists that building a Faraday Cage as you have, will actually store the charge much like the old CRTs of many years ago. That’d you’d actually have to wait several days for the charge to dissipate before accessing the cage.

    Have you heard anything like this? I suppose grounding the exterior can would help with that.



    • PreppingToSurvive –

      I have never heard of that before about having to wait to open the cage/container. I am not sure how the charge would be stored for that length of time.

      Hmmmm……something to look into further.

      Thanks – Rourke

  3. God Bless! While I don’t have a diabetic family member I too am trying to prepare for a possible EMP attack. After reading the book, “One Second After” and doing a little reading about how the Chinese and N. Korea are in pursuit of this type of weapon in addition to being covertly friendly with Iran…yeah, it’s a good idea to think about this and prepare.
    I am selling my 97 4X4 truck and trying to get an older (60’s through early 80’s) model; 3/4 ton 4X4 GM or Ford truck. That is as far as my EMP prep is going now.
    Thunder 7

  4. Sounds like you have read that gut wrenching novel, “One Second After”. It tore at my heart and made me think differently about EMP.

    The only thing I would suggest that you might add, is to store Lithium batteries, they have a ten year shelf life. Expensive, yes, but what price…

    Also, all a large ground strap from the lid of the ammo can to the body, it couldn’t hurt.


  5. Consider storing this and any other things that you want to protect in a grounded metal storage cabinet . It is just one more layer of protection . My ex wife was Russian and has a PHD in Physics and specializes in magnetic fields . Anyway she is the one that suggested this to me .
    Anyway I hope that helps .
    Robert W

  6. Can you somehow ground the ammo box? This takes the EMP wave straight to ground.

    Also, I figure you’ve already done so, but have you removed the batteries from the pump so they don’t leak and ruin the pump?

  7. I had a dream last night that my daughters meds were liquid and being stored in 90 degree heat dispite the container saying no more than 40 degrees. I had a panick attack. Crazy thing is that her meds are pills, not liquid. I think I had the dream because I am running low on them and I need to get at least a 90 day stock going which I found you can do at several places if you forgo insurance and pay cash. The scrpt med thing really hit me after reading One Second After. I am just glad that my daughter is not dependant on electronic equipment to monitor her condition (which is heart problem). Good for you making a faraday cage. I’ve thought about, just havent dealt with it yet.

  8. I’ve been told you can use a microwave too, much like you would a vault. I store my thumb drives and CD’s in “foodsaver bags” then “foil wraped” then in the Microwave sitting in my metro-rack and some radios

  9. Rourke,
    Great idea, I agree you do need to remove that o-ring on the ammo can, I have something similar set up for a computer to use after an EMP or Solar flare (Also can cause an EMP event) I have the laptop, a panasonice toughbook, along with a spare battery, spare hard drive (imaged abnd with all my survival docs and maps already on it) and the car charger adaptor all set up in a farday cage (I work for the local utility company, so I am a little familiar how to protect my equpiment).
    Speaking of EMP’s, not sure how many of you are sun watchers but, the sun let go of several CME’s in the past couple days, one of which is a M-9.3 (Almost an X-class) read more about it here….
    Everyone take care and keep preppin….

    Preppin Pawpaw


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