Simple Growing: Zucchinis

For those that have never gardened – getting started can be a daunting task.

Getting going in gardening can be accomplished many ways such as using raised beds, containers – and of course in-ground. I highly recommend to get into gardening ASAP if you are not already. It is a skill that is developed over time and much sweat and practice.

zucchini harvest

If you are just starting off I have one plant – one crop – that I highly recommend trying. This is a vegetable that I have found to be tremendously easy to grow and provides high yields in a small amount of space. Even in mediocre soil – as long as water is provided – you will have food.

What is this vegetable? Zucchini!

Zucchinis can grow large and provide an almost constant food supply once they start producing. Like most vegetables – they are not very high in calories but are flavorful and can be served many ways.

I have had a zucchini bread that was just absolutely amazing. My favorite way to eat zucchini is grilled with a little Italian salad dressing on it. Awesome!

Planting  a row or several hills of zucchinis can provide a large amount of food just by picking every few days.

For much of the country this is the time to get planting. Consider the zucchini as a important crop – both now as well as post-SHTF.

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1 thought on “Simple Growing: Zucchinis”

  1. I love Zucchini, I am planting some this year in my small raised bed garden(Yes I followed your instructions). It is easy and it produces quite a lot of vegatables from a single plant. I usually eat them as fast as they come on. Great info.


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