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This announcement is a bit late – but worthy. Jarhead Survivor from recently released the book – SHTF: A Guide to Surviving Almost Anything.  The book is only available for the Kindle (as of right now). Don’t have a one? Get a Kindle here.



SHTF: A Guide to Surviving Almost Anything is a compilation of blog post from So yes, much of the content is available free on the Internet however it is well organized in book format.

Here is a sampling of provided content:

–>The 10 most important things to keep in your bug-out bag (a short-term emergency kit)
–>How to create a survival-focused garden
–>How to light a fire in the rain
–>How to raise your own fish for food
–>The 10 best firearms for survival
–>Rabbits vs Chickens. Which is the better post-apocalyptic protein?
–>The basics of financial preparedness
–>Saving money through local bartering
–>Why you should consider storing your wealth by buying silver
–>What to do when you’re lost in the wilderness
–>Why you should have a concealed weapons permit (even if you don’t plan on carrying concealed)

Nice to see a fellow blogger succeed in the publishing world – as well as provide information to help the masses prepare for what awaits them.


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  1. I will look for it when the book comes in a printed version. My wife has a Kindle, I don’t. I just purchased a few manuals within the past 3 weeks. It is never too late to learn something!

  2. I don’t Read books on a PAD ! I prefer them in Paperback or Hardback versions ! So I probably won’t get to read this one for a few yrs. Their Loss @ my Money !

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