SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #62, #63……..last one

“When the giant alien spiders come to rule the world….Will you be ready?


Here is the last installment of this SHTF Go To Gun Photo Contest.

I really appreciate all the entries and my head is already starting to pound as I think about having to judge and select JUST ONE winner to receive the awesome Deadwood Stove.


Teresa sent the following…….

 Ed is ready with…..

The gun I have chosen for the SHTF Is A Remington 870 with extended Magazine.  Where I live in a populated area of the city
having the option of” not Whacking my ARMED Neighbors [Backup]” is a option that Every one should  employ. Shooting through
a wall  (Or neighborhood) can  be dangerous.
The good thing about the Remington 870  shotgun is that  barrels can be replaced for different options    and shells can be loaded  (MEC  Reloader) with a number of types of shot for  different types of shooting, whether  hunting for game(deer, foul),   varment (two or four legged) , or to open something (Doors,locks, etc), Or just to protect a garden or crops.
The Remington 870 is easy to grab for the vehicle or   late night noises outside.



 Thank you everyone for the entries….winner to be announced on Tuesday.


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