SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #59, #59, #60 and #61

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Tony sent the following……

This is my go-to SHTF gun – the Smith & Wesson M&P AR15.

I chose it for several reasons.  First of all, I belong to a small group of like-minded preppers and we have all chosen this gun so as to be able to standardize our weapons.  Secondly, I really like the customizability of the AR15 platform.

With the chance to add quad rails, lights, laser, optics, etc., this weapon is like a Mr. Potato Head for grown men.  Make it look like you want.  Make it do what you want.

Finally, the popularity of the AR15 means that, in the event of an “end of the world as we know it” situation, there should be a substantial amount of ammo laying around.

I’ve set it up with a small sampling of some of my other SHTF gear and food stores.  I believe that this weapon will help me to safeguard my life, my family, and my property in event of an emergency.

Greg R. and his wife are prepared with……


Please consider my photo for your SHTF photo contest. It is a combo of mine and my wife’s “go to” weapons.

We figure it is not if, but a matter of when we will face a SHTF scenario. Some will reach for the toilet paper, but we plan on something more substantial!

My personal weapon is a Springfield Armory National Match M1A. My wife’s rifle is the Ruger Mini14 nested in a factory folding stock. When considering our doomsday lead slingers, I desired well made weapons that were: A)mostly metal and wood, B)military design, C)common military calibers, D)be reliable, and E) semi-auto.

I also felt it necessary that both my wife and I had weapons that were similar in design so either weapon could be handled and disassembled in a similar fashion. I felt my choices filled the bill. The M1A is a real tack driver, and the Ruger is just a fun enjoyable rifle my wife excels with.

Both rifles are straight forward to operate, and my wife can operate either one, although the Ruger is much lighter for her. I like the Garand style design in that it has been a design that is battle proven and superior to most if not all other weapons.

I personally like having the safety within the trigger guard, the heavy charging handle, and open bolt design. I had considered the AR design, but hate the tiny ejection port to clear jams, as well as the fact that non-piston AR’s fart carbon all over the inside receiver  and onto the bolt and chamber area.

I also considered the AK design since it has cheaper metal mags, and a segregated gas system, but still didn’t like the clunky safety or the small port for clearing jams if necessary.

The Garand design offers a simple and heavy duty design that is easy to clear, operate, and has a the segregated gas system to prevent fouling of the chamber and internal components. Both weapons are easy to clean, tear down, and work on. I enjoy looking at what others have done to their AR’s with all the fancy gizmos, bipods, flashlights, storage for whatever, extended this and thats, but there is something nostalgic and beautiful about my M1A.

It feels like a real man’s gun, and its performance exceeds expectations. Anytime anyone shoots it, they always get a big smile on their face!

Also in my picture, I have included a few of my favorite titles for entertainment, prepping, and constitutional education.

They include Rawles’s “Patriots” and “How to Survive TEOTWAWKI” , Forstchen’s “One Second After”, and Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny”. The toilet paper is for all my liberal friends.

Keep your powder dry, and God bless!

T sent …….

This is my “go to gun” : 1942 Mosin Nagant. I plan to keep the “Zombies” away at a 200 yard radius. If they get inside that I have 3 Rottweilers ( and a couple of AK’s) to deal with em, not to mention a wife with a Smith & Wesson sigma 9mm that knows how to use it.

The head of my Rott security team, Danzig, is in the picture, there was no way all 3 of them would sit still for the picture.

Wes is ready to go blasting with…………

I don’t understand why there aren’t more shotgun entries? My choice for SHTF Go-to-Gun is my Mossberg 500. It’s dependable, multi-purpose, easy to maintain and..lethal!

With the wide range of munitions you can use in it, from slug and flechette rounds to bolo and frag, you can quickly load and adjust to your situational needs. It takes a beating and gives a beating back.

The 12ga. round is commonly available and would be more easily found in the “altered” future. Heck even the sound of the pump of a shotgun is universally known and many times may be all you need to scare off intruders.

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