SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #55, #56, #57 and #58

Beware evil that lurks in the dark……these folks are waiting for you.


Scottie sent the following:

Our SHTF gun is a Ruger 10/22. Our family chose this gun for many reasons.
1) This gun is a duplicate of another gun in our rack. Remember the survival adage “one is none, two is one”.
2) The Ruger 10/22 has been around since 1964, and is known to be reliable and accurate.
3) Brand new, this gun sells for under $200. You can’t beat that price for a gun that can be used for both hunting and defense.
4) Parts for this gun are readily accessible. Customized options are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, both online and in stores.
5) Ammunition is very cheap. For under $100, you can have over 3,000 rounds. We could have chosen a more powerful sniper rifle, but the ammo alone for it is easily $2 a round–not exactly prudent for someone with other preps to make and the desire for a large supply of ammo.
6) The wife and our 6 year old can use the gun with ease, as can other members of our group, both male and female, young and old.
7) It can be used for hunting anything from squirrel and rabbit to deer, and is great for nuisance animals and predators that threaten livestock, gardens, etc.
8) Though it may not have the knock down p
ower of other guns, it will kill aggressors. Why spend the money on more expensive guns and ammo when this will do the job?
9) It is a quiet gun, especially with subsonic rounds, lightweight, and easy to carry when walking through the woods, even when not hunting.
This gun is featured on our mantle with our decor of half gallon Ball canning jars, holding approximately 18 pounds of dried beans, and hurricane lamps filled with lamp oil. You know you are a prepper when your mantle decorations include food storage you don’t have room for in your closet!

Moon parties with…………
My goto gun is my SIG 556. This is a photo of my friend “Lady Schak” with my rifle. She said she felt excited just holding it.

RebNinerOne sent the following – check out the caption:
"Ported. Tuned."


Dale is ready with…….

This shotgun is so bad that when the SHTF, even my son’s stuffed alien will be able to handle the zombie horde assembled outside my door!  The shotgun is a Saiga 12 gauge.  It has had a few modifications: sling, collapsible stock w/pistol grip, 20 round drum, tri-rail, foregrip with light, variable gas plug and flash hider.  The alien is sporting a bandolier for style effects only (it’s actually for 7.62 rounds).  His name is Red.  Thanks for sponsoring the contest!

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  1. “You can’t beat that price for a gun that can be used for both hunting and defense”

    When I see a statement like this I always ask, so exactly how much is your life worth? Not under 200.00 dollars I can assure you!

    Then again that is just me maybe!

  2. Take down the picture of the fools drinking alcohol and waving their guns around. Not as if peppers need to be stereotyped any more. Preppers get enough bad press as it is.

  3. Never said the 10/22 was our only gun. Hence the mention of a sniper rifle among others. Personally I like the a gun with readily available parts and ammo. Just about everyone I know has a 10/22, or some other 22 rifle, making ammo extremely accessible. What good is any gun without ammo? Sounds like an expensive ball bat to me. If needed I can grab the 10/22 and a couple thousand rounds and be gone without adding an extreme amount of weight to lug around.

  4. You said:

    “Our SHTF gun is a Ruger 10/22”

    I was not bashing the 10/22, it has its place. A sniper rifle would not be a prudent choice either, even though it has its place as well.

    You said:

    “You can’t beat that price for a gun that can be used for both hunting and defense”

    I said:

    When I see a statement like this I always ask, so exactly how much is your life worth? Not under 200.00 dollars I can assure you!

    Then again that is just me maybe!

    So again how much is your life worth? 200.00 or less I’m guessing based on your own statement.

    Just what I took from you statement. Maybe choice your words better if that is not what you intended to say.

    • 3rd Man –

      I appreciate comments but you are taking it a bit too far. SHTF to you or I may be roving motorcycle gangs passing through neighborhoods taking from those that cannot stop them. SHTF to someone else may be totally different and a Ruger 10/22 would suffice just fine. Seems you are getting a bit personal.


  5. Oh I here you Rourke, As a LE firearms instructor I like to challenge people to think about their choices in firearms selection. There are just certian guns that should never be considered as a primary go to gun. Your right about the different views on SHTF, but for most it will be that bump in the night before LE can respond not Zombies. That is the reality of it. Your contest was fun over all and I like seeing all the different firearms out there as I am a firearms buff(nut) myself. So keep up the good job and I love stopping by your bog daily to see what you have going on.

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