SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #51, #52, #53 and #54

More evidence as to why no other country has tried to invade the United States…….


John is ready to make judgement with…….

This is my “Go To” gun entry……Taurus Judge Public Defender .410/.45LC.

Here in Colorado these two calibers are easily found. And this will allow me to get to the “bigger stuff” depending on the SHTF scenario…..

 Greg sent the following…….

Here is my New England Firearms Y2K Survivor single shot 12 gauge. I don’t plan on taking on an army with this, I plan on feeding my family and friends with this gun. In the stock I store a Victorinox swiss army knife, a marbles compass and whistle, gerber led light, a few strike anywhere matches dipped in wax and a Short Lane 12 gauge adapter which is an insert that allows other calibers to be fired in any 12 gauge, this one is a 410 adapter. Between the versatility of the 12 gauge ammo and with the 410 adapter I can harvest lots of different game.


  Peacekeeper will be causing a ruckus with……

This is my Real world everyday go to SHTF package. The picture includes a Bushmaster AR15 with an Aimpoint, 2 twin Glock 22s, Eagle chest rig (with 3 magpul magazines, 3 Glock 15rd magazines, and 1 Leatherman mulit-tool), Kevlar Helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. The Glock with the light attached is on my person while the rest of the equipment is readly close by.

 Hash is ready for TSHTF with…….

This is my Dpms Panther .308. I chose this gun because it has long distance and some serious one shot stopping power.



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3 thoughts on “SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #51, #52, #53 and #54”

  1. I DO like the idea of a .308 AR platform. Aside from price, my main objection to the ‘normal’ .223 AR is that if TS DOESN’T HTF, I cannot legally shoot any game larger than a rabbit (or a varmint) with it – I STILL need a different deer gun. Not an issue with the SKS.


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