SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #47, #48, #49 and #50

The exquisite display of armageddon armament continues………..

The legendary Mr. Choate sent the following…….

Its a Sun Devil AR, the receiver and upper are machined out of solid Billet Al. It has an ACOG TA33-8 scope on it with Diamondhead flip sights, ERGO grip and Choate Telescoping stock. The selector says SAFE and ZOMBIES which I thought was cool. I have shot this rifle in several rifle and 3 gun matches including the Arkansas Section Multi Gun Championship. I have run a couple thousand rounds through it with out any malfunctions, its one of the few guns I would trust the life of my family to. Its setting on my B.O.B, I carry both the bag and rifle in my truck all the time and if I ride with someone else I take them with me. It is very seldom that I am more than 100 yard away from them at any given time.

 Guy sent the following……

 Dean is prepared with……..


Simple farm tool.  Mossberg 500.  Basically stock.  I replaced the bulky forearm that came with it with an more egronomic forearm.  Added a Hi-Viz lightpipe as a front sight and a cheap butt stock nylon shell holder.  I keep 4 or 5 three inch high brass #4 or #5 turkey loads in the shell holder and a bandoleer with 20-30 rounds of mixed shells close by.  Hung a Streamlight Super Tac flashlight on the shell tube which I can easily activate with my right index finger.  ( I shoot left-handed)
Hangs on a single hook in my home office and I can easily grab it one-handed and be out the door in a couple of seconds if our pastured chickens are squawking at night, dogs barking in a specific direction, etc.  Have used it to dispatch a couple of foxes and coons at night harassing our chickens.  Have harvested 2 deer and numerous squirrels, rabbits, and doves with this gun.  I cannot imagine being limited to only one gun, but this is the one gun I would have.


DJ  will be rock’n the undead with……….

For a SHTF go-to gun, I like to have it be a gun that is always nearby, ready to use without thought or preamble; so I immediately thought of my M&P 9mm.  At first look, one might think this one is just like countless others.  But like many things, it’s what you don’t see that makes a good gun become a great gun.  

Out of the box I loved the reliability, accuracy, fit and finish of this M&P but as you grow closer to something you find small ways to make big improvements.  The stock three dot sights were nice and easy to line up but I found that instead of solely focusing on the front sight, I found myself inadvertently looking at the three dot lineup with each shot for a split second. There was also limitations on elevation, field of view and overall accuracy with the stock sights.  I added a Warren tactical rear site and HIVIz front site so I now focus on the front site and follow up shots can be done more quickly and accurately without thought or distraction.  

To improve the trigger pull and reset travel distance, I added an Apex Reset Assist Mechanism and an Apex Hard Sear. This allows immediate follow up shots with reduced trigger travel and weight, while smoothing out the whole process.  Finally, I replaced all plastic magazine base plates with anodized aluminum ones to add durability to the magazine when being dropped and reduce hang-ups with other mags during removal from a pouch. Also the aluminum plates provide an easy to grasp surface for faster reloads and for pulling a stuck mag.

Finally, this is my go to gun because I am familiar with it and I love to shoot it.  It is important to own a gun, but it is almost just as important to take your gun out, shoot it and get to know it; so when you need it, your gun will be as familiar as if it were an extended appendage. 




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  1. Hey Rorke! I kept meaning to take a pic and send it to you but work and kids and husbands kept getting in the way. =) Are we allowed to send pics today or was the last day to send them yesterday?


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