SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #43, #44, #45 and #46

Another installment of firearm awesomeness……….


Jason sent the following……

The weapon is a specially ordered, during my last deployment, Smith & Wesson M&P 15 with an Aimpoint H-1 and a Surefire X400.  I chose this weapon because it is the weapon that I am most familiar with, having served in the Army for over 20 years.  I chose to have my youngest son hold the weapon (he understands the rules of gun safety), the bible, and the American flag as they represent the things that are most important to me, and I will do everything within my power to protect them.

Grayfox 114 sent the following…….

My choice? Obviously the Ruger Mark 1 22 Auto pistol! In a survival/prepper gun we should be looking for simplicity, reliability, accuracy, and user friendly features. The Ruger offers all. Mine is blue steel with a 6” heavy barrel, adjustable sights and stock grips. It has a 10 round magazine, and I have several spares, and I also have a spare bolt assembly, with attached firing pin, spring and extractor, a $10.00 gun show item!


The Ruger lends itself to lots of inexpensive practice, almost anywhere due to its low sound signature. Kids and wives love to shoot it.  The gun is innocuous and below the radar of nosy people and law enforcement. I have a clamp on barrel light for the gun,and for everyday carry, I have a nylon holster and nylon mag pouches,you don’t  even know you’re carrying. My Ruger is not an exotic race gun, but it is a reliable, serviceable pistol. It is accurate and goes everywhere with me! For comparison purposes, I have included a box of 38 Special, 50 rounds, in the picture.  Also shown is the 38 Special bullet box filled with 550  22 bullets! 50 rounds vs 550!  This pistol will certainly function to get me to my real gun!


While the caliber, 22, is not generally thought of as a lethal round, it will do the job. Many of the Hyper velocity rounds are pretty devastating, and the old hollow point “ain’t no slouch.” My gun, and the 22 cal pills it throws, can and will provide a fair amount

of suppressive fire at ranges of up to 100 yards or so. While accuracy and lethality will certainly suffer, I doubt that anyone would keep walking in, saying “It’s just a 22.”

Cale is ready to take on “whatever” when the SHTF with…..

My go to gun is my AR-15 (I know, I know another AR) This one sports
an 18” mini S.A.S.S. barrel, Midwest Free Float Hand guard, Vltor
IMOD clubfoot stock, Magpul Mbus sights, Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x
scope all around a spikes tactical lower, built me. There are multiple
reasons for choosing the AR platform, most importantly IMO is that it
is the current Nato round, so ammo should always be plentiful even
after SHTF. That is not stopping me from stocking up as you can see
the ammo cans in the background. I also have a .22 conversion bolt to
hunt small animals, no need for a 2nd rifle. And for fun I threw my
glock in the picture as the trusty back-up, 9mm G19 (also Nato round).
This is my ultimate Go To kit when SHTF.

Ken is ready with………..

I can’t carry a gun with me at all times, due to my state’s restrictive conceal carry permit process. May issue? You’ve got a better chance of winning the lotto.

But I can carry a knife.  Since this knife is a folding knife, even though it is larger than a 3 inch blade, it is still not considered a weapon by most state laws.

Fact of the matter is, chances are good I’m not going to be home when SHTF.  I need something to defend myself with, until I can get home, or acquire a better weapon through other means.






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  1. hey rourke i like the shtf gun photo contest, my entry will be in soon, waiting for the right night time pic, have you ever thought of having a edc(every day carry)photo contest, i think that would be very enlightening for your readers to see not only what you carry every day but what the rest of us carry on a daily basis, could give us all ideas of what to do and what not to do or carry as the case may be. anyway just an idea man, keep up the good work!!


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