SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #39, #40, #41 and #42

The awesomeness continues……………


Christain said……..

My “Go To Gun” is the CZ SP01 9mm.  It’s a reliable and accurate gun right out of the box. I have a 200 lumen light with laser attached to it to as well.  A couple of well placed 9mm defensive loads should put down even the most determined zombies.


 Jeff is ready for the SHTF with………

My Glock 19,  I’ve owned this amazing gun for almost 16 years, and even after putting thousands of rounds through it, I have never had a malfunction.  It has worked perfectly for me every single time the trigger has been pulled.  I trust this gun with my life and more importantly, with my family’s lives.



 Mike is ready to take on the zombie’s with……..

On the day TSHTF, the Hi-Point 995 wasn’t my “go to” gun. It was just the only one available to
me in the People’s Democratic Republic of New Jersey(where I lived). I’ve since made my way with
the little 9mm carbine to central Pennsylvania, at least according to the map in my BOB. I’ve a long way
to go to reach the retreat. I stopped briefly in an abandoned subdivision to rest, and take this pic.


 fjs sent the following……………

You asked for “something interesting, out of the ordinary”, “use yer imagination”
SO….Here is my ….. GO 2 Gun with OPSEC Vehicle
You my ask WHY??……. The answer….. “Fire Power”
100 rounds as fast or slow as you want.



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