SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #35, #36, #37 and #38

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SHTF? Here is what these folks would grab and go…..


Trevor entered the following……


Jim sent the following…..

Depending on the circumstances- fight in the house or fighting with targets beyond 100 meters (CARBINE distances), I go to this set up.
PS90 5.7x28mm Triple rail with dual mags. That’s 100 rounds on the weapon. Surefire M3 Turbo combat light, L3 EOTech HALO sight, and sling. I have also added upgraded charging handles to it as the originals are very small. Good enough for the Secret Service, then OK with me.
The pistol is the companion to the PS90, an FNH FN FiveSeven also 5.7x28mm, with Surefire x200 combat light, and each of the three mags holds 20 rounds each.

Cbankr22 is at the ready with the following….

Pictured is my first gun given to me by my pops. A Ruger P89 9mm. It is my go to because it is always with me. It is pictured here holstered in my car under the steering wheel, for when the SHTF. It has two full clips ready to spit, as well as a few other clips strategically placed in the car, home, and at work.


Christian sent the following……

My “Go To Gun” is the CZ SP01 9mm.  It’s a reliable and accurate gun right out of the box. I have a 200 lumen light with laser attached to it to as well.  A couple of well placed 9mm defensive loads should put down even the most determined zombies.



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4 thoughts on “SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #35, #36, #37 and #38”

  1. Rourke:

    Can you track down who makes that under-steering-wheel rig shown with that P-89? Saw those at NRA show, but did not pick one up.


  2. does anybody else realize that more lumens is not always better? too many lumens in a small indoor environment will blind you first, destroy your night vision second (negating the ability to turn the light on and off as needed for stealth) and the bounce back light will make you an easy target for anyone who is not in your direct beam. also once your night vision is gone from too much light – you will have to keep the beam on all the time or stumble around blind with degraded night vision – so anybody you are hunting has an easy time aiming at where your light point is originating from – look up any recent new reports – most home invasions or robberies now are carried out by more then 1 person i.e. the other bad guy or two you don’t see will have an easy time taking you out as you sit there lit up like a christmas tree.

    that and the way to frequent misnomer of calling magazines “clips” – clips were used in M1 garands as they were metal CLIPS that help the rounds together (almost like a stripper clip) – all modern firearms use box magazines – it just makes me cringe no different then if your pool guy showed up calling it a “cement pond” or any other person using an incorrect word – it just lowers the estimation of intelligence and therefore skills level to most. think from another’s perspective – would you feel more or less trust talking to someone who was using incorrect terminology in any subject? (i heard a salesman the other day in a computer store calling the computer “cache” – the “couch” – ugh… i feel sorry for whoever falls to his expertise)

    we need to make sure we don’t give any ammunition figuratively to the anti-gunners… so proper terminology and skills are important – after all doesn’t it make you cringe when the typical liberal news report calls any and every gun an “assault rifle”?

    • dsd –

      I appreciate your opinion on clips versus magazines. I do not look down on people that technically use the incorrect term – I know what they are saying and I think everyone else does as well. I call my wife’s Expedition a truck all the time – don’t know why – I just do. It is a SUV – not a truck. Oh well.

      You are correct on the lumens and night vision stuff. Though – for myself I am more concerned with effecting my opponents night vision than my own if I am the one with the flashlight. Night vision is incredibly important and it does not take much to ruin it.

      Thanks – Rourke


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