SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #31, #32, #33 and #34

More awesome entries into the ModernSurvivalOnline SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest.


Scott is ready with……

This is an Officers Model Colt 1911 passed on to me from my father. I had it refinished by Mahovsky’s Metalife, and installed a Wilson’s Combat Match Grade Barrel, full recoil spring, beveled mag well, and had the ramp polished and a trigger job done. Combine that with match Grade stainless mags by Chip McCormick and it is a great 45, shoots like a dream, easy to carry, and great for when SHTF.

Ron sent the following…..

This gun has been through several carbine courses and never lost a beat.  It has quality parts
including a red dot sight with back up irons and weapon mounted light.  If the SHTF I will grab
it without any doubt in it going boom when it needs to.   I recently duracoated it to give it a
little break up of color and hide the wear marks.   Thanks for the consideration.

Denny is ready to take on zombies……
The Glock 17 rules in Zombieland. The ability to accept 33 round magazines makes it King of the Zombies. That’s how I speak Zombie.

JS submitted the following……
Please consider my SHTF gun, my PTR-91F.  This is my “go-to” SHTF gun because it’s great for medium sized game and, eh, two legged varmits as well.  There are plenty of experts who believe the G3/HK91 rifles and clones are pretty indestructible (and spare parts are very inexpensive compared to an M1A or AR10 type rifle).  Glass is a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x on a low mount, never need to worry about batteries.  Also in the shot is a battle pack of 200 Portuguese 7.62×51 NATO, German web gear & boonie, kevlar gloves, my KA-BAR, and some silver 1oz rounds.

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