SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #27, #28, #29 and #30


SHTF? Here is what these folks would rely on…..


In an emergency SHTF situation , my boys and I are pretty much set to go.
I’m in the middle with my trusty Remington 870 12ga. in my hands and my Ruger Security Six 357magnum on my hip.
On my left, in the picture, is my oldest son with a modified Winchester 1300 12ga in his hands and a Glock 9mm on his hip.
On my right, in the picture, is my youngest son with a modified SKS 7.62 X 39 in his hands and a Ruger Blackhawk 44magnum hanging off his shoulder.
The plaque in front of us , on the ground , reads “A City Boy Can Survive”. It almost sounds like it could be a song lyrics.
While our primary residence is in the city , this picture was taken at our go to property in the mountains of Upstate New York.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest, we could really put that stove to good use.


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 Bill provides a very unique entry into this contest……

Whenever firearms are brought up, it seems that everyone has the perfect weapon and why theirs is better than what everyone else has.  I expect we will see every type of rifle, shot gun and pistol with every attachment available – we all have are Zombie guns but that’s not what was asked , we were asked what our “Go To” gun is when the SHTF.


As Preppers we plan for the worst so it won’t be a surprise if/when the SHTF.  Now, the closest thing to a country wide SHTF moment was 9/11, I say that because everyone remembers exactly where they were when we were hit, not that it physically affected everyone but it most defiantly mentally affected us all and totally changed our country.  I would like you to think back to that moment for a second, where were you?  Most of us were either at work or on our way, where was your “Go To” gun? Now let me start my rant on why I have chosen my “Go To” gun.


If you are blessed to have a concealed carry permit you probably have a very nice pistol with all the fixings, the problem is that your boss probably doesn’t want it in the work place. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to leave my Kimber in my glove compartment.  Yes, I know there are people right now yelling at the screen that I’m a fool for not having a lock box in my car, they can now stop reading and just scroll to the bottom and make fun of my “Go To” gun because they already know everything, the rest of us will think this out and help me to see where I’ve made mistakes.


What SHTF event scares you the most?  For me it is an EMP, I’m at work and that’s 20 miles from my home.  The sheet head terrorists learned that if they would have hit us just 2 hours later on 9/11 they could have killed twice as many Americans, Plan on the SHTF moment not to happen on a Sunday afternoon after Church and before the race, plan on being at work.  My Zombie Gun is ready to go but it’s in my safe at home, I’m at work.  My “Go To” gun lives in my get home bag; it stays in my get home bag, my get home bag lives in my car.  I am lucky that I work in a suburb and don’t have to go into the city, I drive to work and my car is right outside the door.


My choice for my SHTF “Go To” gun is a Hi-Point Firearms Model C9. Stop laughing and hear me out.  The Hi-Point C9 cost $139, that’s right, for a buck fifty, I have a pistol, two magazines and 18 rounds of 9mm.  My “Go To” gun is just another part of my get home bag; it lives right next to my poncho.  So why did I go with an inexpensive firearm?  Think about your get home bag, it is just that, its main purpose is to get you home to your family, this is not a bug out bag, there is nothing of real value in your get home bag and it lives in your vehicle, in fact my Hi-Point lives in a Wal-Mart fanny pack inside my get home bag…that’s right, if I need it, its 20-30 seconds from my hand.  Wow, that’s stupid right?  Go back to the SHTF event, an EMP has just gone off, you and everyone else are now on foot walking home, your number one job now is to get home and take care of your family, do you really want to look out of the ordinary or just another one of the sheepeople?  We could talk for hours about what kind of bag to use as a get home bag but that’s a totally different rant, I choose a notebook backpack, plenty of room and will not draw any attention to me.  Remember, this bag lives in my car, I don’t want the guy next to me at the grocery store wondering why I have an Alice pack in my trunk while I’m loading my groceries.


So why do I leave my “GoTo” gun in my bag and not on me? I really don’t think I will need it; Tocqueville was right when he said America is great because Americans are good.  Just because we have had a SHTF event doesn’t mean we will instantly turn to anarchy and the Wild West, we will take care of each other, we are Americans!  – Benjamin Franklin said when asked about the American Religion “There is a God, He will judge us, we should serve Him and the best way to serve Him is to serve our fellow man.”   – What does that mean?  That means the 20 mile walk home may end up being 30+ as you help your fellow coworkers and friends to get home as well, the path you have set in your mind will change, know as many routes home as you can. But what if you end up in a bad part of town?  If it started to rain, I will put on my poncho, do what your gut says!!!


But why the Hi-Point C9 and not a Kimber, Smith, Glock, etc….. Simple, cost.  I have an identical get home bag in every one of my vehicles.  I am not a rich man, I can’t afford to put a $600 gun in every bag, and yes, every bag needs to be identical and every person in your family needs not only to know what’s in the get home bag but how to use it.  Just because you put a get home bag in your wife’s car, it won’t help her if she doesn’t know what’s in there and how to use it.  You also need one in your daughter’s and your son’s…… everyone in your family MUST know that regardless of which vehicle they are driving that all of the bags are the same. At a Buck Fifty, I can put in each bag a pistol, two mags and 18 rounds… and of course everything else you and your family have decided together need to be in the bag, this is key, our bags have hygiene products that I will never use but my wife and daughter might.  This is one prep the entire family MUST work together to design (A whole other rant).


After hours of walking you finally make it home but your friend still may have a couple miles to her home, she wants to get home to her family but your family may not have made it home yet, you’re not going to leave because you have to wait for your family and get you house set up, what to do?  Reach into your get home bag and hand her the fanny pack with your Hi-Point C9, don’t worry about giving it away, your family are bringing home theirs and you now have your Zombie Guns ready to roll – The Hi-Point C9 also makes one hell of a bartering item, you might trade it for a bicycle if you get sick of walking – The biggest and the baddest guns may not be what is needed, just remember, a pistol is there to help you get to your long gun!!!


I hope this rant wins me the Deadwood Stove cuz its real sweet looking but more importantly I hope I have made you all think a little!!!  Make sure you know all your local laws about carrying a firearm and adjust to stay legal, although a gun is just a tool; there are sheepeople out there who believe you should not have the right to protect yourself and your friends and family.


Be good to each other – Peace!!!!

Garrett sent the following…..

My go to gun is my Colt 45 New Agent. With gutter sights and a short barrel, it is probably not what most people would think of as a SHTF type firearm. But I chose it for one simple reason: It is the gun that I have with me… always. The very nature of a SHTF scenario is that, even if you are prepared, you don’t know when it will happen. So unless you live in an area where you can carry a Mossberg to work and not get arrested, my motto is, “The Go To gun is the one you have with you.” Hopefully, if I have planned right, a dozen .45 hollow points will keep me alive until other arrangements can be made. But even once I have access to my other preps, I still think subtlety goes a long way. With that in mind this handgun would still probably be my go to.

Sean likes his SKS…..

It’s not elegant or tacti-cool. Just a simple SKS with an extended magazine and bayonet.  I submit it for consideration because it actually WAS my go-to gun during a real SHTF situation. I was woken early on the morning of September 11, 2001 to images of the horror in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. I had no idea what was going on, other than realizing we were under attack. Images from Red Dawn played in my mind and I figured I’d better prepare for the worst. Into the safe, out comes the SKS. It was with me as I watched the day unfold. I didn’t need it, but it was reassuring to know that there was a rifle ready to speak if necessary. It’s pictured here with the US flag I flew that morning.

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 Chase sent the following……

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