SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #8, #9 and #10

A few more awesome entries………….


Jeff  says…….

“My AR! For its versatility, range and capacity.  With the red dot setup its ready for CQB or at range depending on how brave the zombies are!”


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John says…………

“My everyday carry gun is a Wilson Combat CQB in 9mm, 9mm is plentiful, and the AR15 is the most popular rifle. this one has a light weight upper, makes it easier to lug around, it is also my primary house gun.”


SHTF, TSHTF, go to gun, survival, preparedness, gun, firearm, weapon, AR, Wilson Combat,
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From Bradley……….

M-14 with a flat hand painted Duracoat finish,  a Trijicon scope was added later. Remember – the gun is half the package, the scope the other half.

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