SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #2, #3, and #4

Curtis says……

My “Go To” pistol in a SHTF situation would definitely be my Colt .45 Government Model. In a pinch I would like the proven knock down power the .45 provides. I choose the Government model over my Commander model simply because of the longer barrel which should provides for a little more accuracy.

From Dennis………..

This is my SHTF, worst case scenario, “go to gun”. I carry this Sig Sauer, P220, .45 ACP with me everywhere. I have a CCDW and carry use a Kramer horsehide leather holster with a double magazine carrier. I use Remington Golden Saber 230 grain hollowpoints as my primary defense ammo.

    I bought this gun after doing a lot of research when I returned from Iraq. One of my soldiers’ wife was killed by another soldier who was doing an initiation for a gang in the Seattle/Tacoma area 2 weeks before we redeployed. That affected me so much that I was determined to get a reliable, accurate semi automatic handgun.  I knew that one day I would get my CCDW, however, at the time I was active duty and leaving Ft. Lewis Washington and enroute to my next duty assignment in Los Angeles, Kalifornia (I spell Kalifornia with a “K” because of its completely insane laws against firearms among other things!).

From Scott……

This is my SHTF Go to gun.
 It is a 357 Colt Python. It has been Mag-na-ported by Mag-na-port International for quicker sight return after firing, it has been given a Metalife finish (SS Chromium M)  by Ron Mahovsky for a more durable finish to avoid wear. It has a 6-inch barrel which makes it still easy to carry & draw while both accurate for self defense and gives it the ability to shoot accurate at great distance to be used for hunting (anything up to and including deer.) It can shoot either .357 ammo or .38 special which increases the ammo availability, and it is a visual deterrent against further aggression from others when it is present.


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8 thoughts on “SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #2, #3, and #4”

  1. Curtis – I really like the photographic effect you used. Good pistol choice too.

    Dennis – Thanks for serving. I prefer the MagTech 230 gr. hollowpoints, a little less per box and seem to have similar ballistics to the Golden Saber.

    Scott – Also, good choice of pistol. Do you get much signature when you shoot at night?

    Rourke – (2) .45 to (1) .357/.38, are you going to keep a database on the responses to see what is the most popular caliber(s)?

  2. 3rdMan, That’s not a drawing of a gun. I used Picasa and did a negative image. The post asked for something that stood out. The original was a nice shot also. I just wanted to enter a Stand Out, unique photo and I thought this was an attention getter. I’ll be glad to post the original. 🙂

    Sometimes you have to be a little different to stand apart from the herd. 🙂 I would like to win the stove so I don’t care if plain jane photos are entered…it just helps me win as far as I can see. Maybe it will push the contributors to show some imagination. No offense to anyone intended but, this is a contest and not a random drawing from the way I read it.

    Have a good day neighbor. 🙂

  3. I used to have a Python. It was my fathers duty gun when he was a police officer. He bought it brand new in 1968 for $150.00. I traded it at a local gun show for a Stag Arms AR-15, Model 1. That AR was going for $970.00. Talk about an investment! I hated doing that, however, I already had my “go to” hand gun and needed another “go to” firearm.
    These are so far some great handguns for the SHTF, all very accurate and reliable. The first pistol I ever fired was the M1911A1…what an awesome gun!

  4. Thanks Harry – very little, although I fire it in daylight most times. 🙂

    I Love the Python, (yes, I blame Ahern for bringing it to my attention all those years ago) my back-up is an Colt Officer’s Model .45 that has had a whole lot of custom work. Between the two of them I have all my needs met. 🙂


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