SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #19, #20, #21 and #22

More awesome SHTF “Go To” guns…….


A Glock 21 inside my ‘business camo’ briefcase.
Why a Glock 21? I’ve always loved the .45ACP, and if I can carry something that holds 13+1 of those dandy little critters? I’m all for it.
(Yes, I should have used a pencil to trace around the lines of the ‘pick & pluck foam’ instead of a permanent marker. “Old to soon…smart too late” as my grandfather used to say.)
Inside the briefcase I have my:
  • Boker Plus Cop Tool (for prying)
  • Garmin eTrex Legend GPSr (older model…but still works great.)
  • Leatherman SuperTool (I always have my Leatherman Wave on me…this is a backup.)
  • Leatherman pocket knife (I always have a pocket knife of some sort on me…currently the Buck Tarani Strider.)
  • Mini-Mag light with the LED conversion (I always have at least one or two LED lights on me.)
  • (4) AA batteries
  • Silicone shooting ear plugs (Just in case things get too loud.)
  • Extra magazine for the G21 (Just in case things get too wild.)
With it zippered shut I look just like an average businessman blending with the crowd.


Ryan sent the following……
Attached is my SHTF and daily carry gun.  Besides being a great looking firearm, it’s a 1911; what’s more to say?  I have dozens of weapons from AR-15’s, revolvers, shotguns and other pistols and this is what I carry and look to daily in any moment.  I have fired and used Glocks, Sigs and other popular brands, and for me personally, I can shoot faster and more accurately with a 1911 than any other.  I have had zero malfunctions with this 1911 after 1000’s of rounds and never have to worry about “is it going to fire?”.  Of course, some circumstances dictate the use of other types of firearms, but this is what I grab for anything up close and personal.

From Casey………….
Its not your usual “go to” weapon of choice or caliber but at 1200 fps my entry is a GAMO Bigcat Air rifle. I purchased the air rifle for $129.00 and I get 1000 rounds for $11.00 thus making it easy to stock up on ammunition.
This air rifle is an excellent tool for securing small game like rabbits, squirrels, raccoon’s, etc…without using your more expensive ammunition.
Keep ’em coming!!!!

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1 thought on “SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #19, #20, #21 and #22”

  1. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of an air rifle. it can feed you, and you can literally carry thousands of rounds of relatively silent ammo, even 1000 rounds of .22 ammo is unreasonable and bulky in comparison. The main downside is the reloading time. Love the business camo briefcase too.


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