A Short Trip to My Bug-out Location

This past weekend I visited my brother and family in Georgia – which is also the location I am most likely to go to if there is a need to “bug out”. My family had a great time visiting as well as fishing and shooting.

I also had the opportunity to try out a Ronco Pocket Fisherman as well as sight in the Vortex Strikefire which sits atop my Stag AR.

Ronco Pocket Fisherman

The Pocket Fisherman was something I remember from my childhood – around about 3rd grade. I bought this one several weeks ago and decided to try it out on some catfish.

My youngest son fell in love with it as it was different – and different is fun. Casting certainly is easy – although shorter distance than with a traditional pole. A catfish was hooked quickly using nightcrawlers and once the drag was set – the fish was brought right in.

my oldest son caught a fish
Oldest son gets a good size one!

My oldest son caught a 21 inch 4 pound catfish – biggest of the day using a Zebco 33 – a classic reel. He was thrilled as this is the biggest fish he ever caught. We kept this one and shortly before we finished fishing cleaned it up.

grilling catfish
Catfish for lunch…

Lunch was great as the fresh catch of the day was grilled and eaten. Unfortunety – had to head home shortly thereafter.

Lots of fun!!

Fishing was not the only fun we had. We also did a decent amount of shooting as well.

One of the things I enjoy doing every trip to this “bug-out” area is taking an early evening drive checking  out the deer that can be seen in great numbers in the local fields.

Take care all –


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7 thoughts on “A Short Trip to My Bug-out Location”

  1. Rourke, looks like you had a great time and the boys look like they had fun fishing. It sure is nice that you can take the time to spend with them. I look forward to hearing about your next trip. Super cool post. The boys look like they are doing well and growing up fast.

  2. I’m jealous. All my kids are grown and the grandkids are still toddlers, so I don’t get much family play time.

    Here’s hoping Bambie gives you a challenging (but successful) hunt this fall.

  3. Thanks for the link on the Pocket Fisherman. We have a lot of streams around here that very short rods are a must for (plus the grandson’s).
    How do you like the Vortex? I got one last year, but haven’t used it yet.
    How about the M&P 15/22? I picked one up, used, at a gun show. My daughter needs to qualify with a AR15 for work and was having problems this year, and correcting it with 223 was just getting too expensive. Finally got her ‘issues’ straightened out and I figure I saved the cost of the rifle in ammo. Mine was a unthreaded barrel and I have a local “gunsmith” thread it. He did a poor job and it’s crooked. He says it won’t be a problem as the break is so short. I told him that it will be if I put a 7″ suppressor on it, it will tear up the insides. So it’s going back to S&W for a new barrel. I have not tested it yet with a variety of ammo, just Federal bulk and American Eagle. AE had some oversized bullets on a couple of rounds. One didn’t got all the way into the chamber but still fired. Ruptured the case. Good thing it was only 22 LR! It is very light wait and handy. It may start riding on the 4-wheeler for gophers!

    • JP in MT –

      I haven’t had a lot of experience with the Vortex – but I like it.

      As for the S&W M&P15-22……I love it. It has been very reliable, lightweight and accurate. Practicing over and over pulling up and engaging targets with 3 quick shots – easy. Certainly has been fun and cheap t shoot.

      Thanks – Rourke


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