“Shelter From the Storm” forum thread at Be Prepared Forum


Over at the Be Prepared Forum I found a thread that provides a great description and discussion on “akgirl” who is building an underground shelter.

Here is an excerpt from the initial posting from akgirl:

 After spending weeks searching the web and endless Youtubes I could not find not one sliver of useful information on DIY underground shelters. We realized the quickest shelter would be to purchase shipping containers and set them into the ground. The cost for these containers have more than doubled since the Joplin Tornado and at 3000.00-5000.00 were out of our reach, so we began looking for alternatives. If you ask anyone with a construction background they are going to tell you steel reinforced concrete is the only way to go, again time and money is a factor. My husband having worked the last 10 years in commercial construction, designed and is building a wood frame structure that is to be covered and earth bermed on all sides. The 20′ x 20′ construction is being done a step at a time, to make the expense of building more doable. In less than 2 weeks we are ready for the beams and roof. I can post pics if anyone is interested in undertaking this type of project.

The thread as of this writing goes on for 7 pages. Discussions range from material costs, construction, salvaging material from a variety of sources to life expectancy of the shelter.

I want to give a very special THANK YOU for akgirl sharing this project and her experiences.

Check it out HERE.

I would love to hear from readers that have been able to build their own underground shelters – especially inexpensive ones.

Take care all –


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4 thoughts on ““Shelter From the Storm” forum thread at Be Prepared Forum”

  1. An underground home is a good option. Not a bomb shelter and not a expensive McMansion but simply an underground home. Look at the older Mother Earth News magazines for do it yourself ideas or at least ideas that you could build in conjunction with a contractor. Keep in mind these are NOT bomb shelters but they would be fairly effective fallout shelters. The main advantage is security, moderating temperature extremes, and quiet.

  2. I’m a reader of the Earthbag Building Blog (http://earthbagbuilding.wordpress.com/) and they’ve recently discussed using earthbag construction to create underground and earth bermed spaces. I’ve considered this building method for my own future home as it’s much less expensive that traditional building materials (dirt is almost free) and for some preparedness aspects. Earthbag and rammed earth structures are very durable and stable if constructed properly, having thick walls, that not only provide thermal and insulation, but due to the thickness are more or less bullet proof. Not a bad thing to have in a home. Definitely have a look at their blog. They offer several basic designs for free. You may have to put forth a bit of an argument with your local building authority with this type of architecture, but knowing that there are structures across the world that have survived hundreds and even thousands of years of living, weather and war is a tremendous testament to earth as a building material.

    Love the blog.


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