Sharing a few pictures….

Figured I would share a few pictures from my Instagram account. 


 My family going for a ride in my Jeep. Enjoying the top down.



 Canning a few jars of green beans. These were bought in bulk from a farm while visiting my brother in Georgia.



 Local Farmers Market provided 30 pounds of tomato’s at .85 cents per pound for canning homemade spaghetti sauce.



 Took my two boys to this river’s swimming spot in Georgia. Awesome place.



 New pressure canner. We’re learning and enjoying it too.



 Metal feed lips from a Lancer AR magazine. Good magazines.


Take care all – Rourke


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  1. I tend to not post very much on this or any other blog. When I do I try to make sure it is poignant and relevant.
    And although I understand posting pictures, I personally avoid posting any pictures of my family, preps or resources that I may or may not have. I honestly like you Mr. Rourke, and it is not my intention to scold anyone. I just prefer to not post things. There are way too many bad people out there that know who and what you and I are. Giving anyone a window into our world gives me a moment of pause. Just saying.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. That is true BW, I also try not to share any of my preps with my neighbors, and when discussing the how to’s of creating a deep larder with friends and neighbors I usually leave it with “I wish I could afford to do more of that type of thing”.

    On the other hand just remember that when the golden horde do show up, you can show them first hand how to make fresh dog food. 🙂

  3. good job , Rourke. . . I don’t think you have compromised your op-sec with these few pictures. . . I believe in being careful, but I am not going to live in paranoia or fear. it all boils down to being in a group of trusted people. . . no one will be able to be totally on their own. . .

  4. Thanks Rourke- cute dog and cute child !! Wow those tomatoes look great-I could practically smell them . We still dont have fresh tomatoes here- just little green ones still growing.

  5. …..Yep….you are a normal guy living a normal life…..makes me feel less on the fringes. Everything’s relative…..Thanks for the encouragement-it’s all just part of our lives.

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