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Hello folks – 

We are running very low on posts to I am putting the call out to all of you. If you have some special knowledge, thoughts, experiences which to share – please send them in. Even if it is but a question to ask to all the other readers – lets put it out there.

Here are some subjects we are looking for:



container gardening




bee keeping

wilderness survival

alternative medicine





survival kits

72 hour kits

experiences/memories from disasters/wars/conflicts/events

medical/first aid

general health

raising animals




opinions on anything relevant to the genre of the website

frugal living

saving money

getting out of debt

growing older


stocking up


vehicle maintenance

product recommendations and reviews

….and anything else you can think of!


If you feel you can contribute please do. The length of the post is not critical but 500 words is a pretty good minimum. Ideally send your post in Microsoft Word however in regular email format is fine as well.

Please send contributions to my email address – emergencycd (at) gmail-dot-com.

Take care all – 



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  1. Roger that! Let me see what I can come up with to spam, cough, cough, I mean send you, heh. J/K, let me see what I can come up with. May be repeats and useless, but meh..will try. I really think a lot more people have their own stories they can share for sure. I believe, could be wrong, but PR has plenty more if he will share them with us. I enjoyed reading and learning from some of his experiences. Anyone else got something?

  2. If you want to make the most out of your limited vegetable garden space grow your food in a vertical
    garden.Utilize the walls in your yard and the outer edge of your ground garden.In your ground garden,DON’T plant in furrows it’s a waste of gardening space.Instead plant in paddies.You can get more vegetables in a paddy.Only make your paddy as big as you can reach to the center of it.Follow the instructions on the seed packet.If it says plant your seeds four inches apart,do so.When it comes
    to potatoes,grow them in vertical baskets.Use straw around the outside to keep the black soil inside.
    Follow the instructions on how to plant the potatoes.When you see the potato shoot grow out of the
    soil,let it grow to about six inches then plant the next layer,repeat.When you plant corn,plant in a wagon wheel,minding the spacing.You are going to need bees,so plant flowers around the garden to attract them.Use insects to fight insects.I found fire ants have worked best for aphids and cut worms.Above all
    GERMINATE YOUR SEEDS.If you live in colder climes start your seeds inside in egg cartons.When watering,water twice.Fill the well,move on.When you are done watering,go back to the beginning and
    fun,gardening is an adventure.

  3. Hi John
    Your message is acknowledged. Good educational self-reliance web-sites need solid in-put.
    My background goes deep in the original survival and patriot cause. I wrote for years for “American Survival Guide”. Decades later many of us still remain solid adherents in the cause of freedom in the true sense. Live Free, is organized, and supporting good educational survival programs. John, my background is deep wilderness in the North Cascades. I am an old dinosaur struggling to catch-up pc.Folks we can write.
    Live Free
    Jim Live Free NW

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