Seriously……this is real.


All I have to say is:




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  1. I miss Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segments from the Tonight Show…highlighted just how dumb people are today, much like this video…

  2. The big question is, exactly what were all of these pinheads taught during 12+ years of school instead of basic history??? What kind of knowledge did we pay for? It is way past time for you to get involved with your local school board and answer these questions.

  3. I think the say, if we do not learn from history we are bound to repeat it applies here. If this is what will be leading our country in a few short years, Rourke is right, we are doomed. The movie Idiocracy comes to mind.

  4. Doomed doe’s not say enough.
    Has anyone listed to Moron Trivia on The Blaze friday mornings? They ask the same type questions and get the same answers, very scary.

    Doomed, maybe. I think the f-bomb may sum it all up and with the speech from “The Kenyan” in the oval office Thursday night granting Amnesty, The USA just may be a Dictatership. Maybe the Constitutional Scholar didn’t or forgot to read Article I & II.

    If you are being forced to buy obamacare, consider this…

    I just switched to this due to the fact I am loosing my health insurance on Dec.31 obamacare was going to be over $500.00 per month with a crazy huge deductable. Now I will pay $199.00 a month.
    They are exempt from IRS fines.

    For God And Country!

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